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  1. Still Bugged , different maps, different characters and different servers ........
  2. I know this is an issue for a few people , I've reported this bug a few times , but not getting anywhere with support. My particular bug is Cursed Shore above Melandru's Statue , I've tried it on different maps , with different characters , after reset , and repeated all the nodes of Ruins of Orr a few times now to see if that triggered it.... Ive checked the wiki , and it is the correct one im trying for . Are there any workarounds ? or something , I so want to get this done , its infuriating , been trying now for almost a year.
  3. Mine is ruins of Orr. I've redone all the rifts in that area several times, driving me crazy, API key shows me which one is missing, and it doesn't complete
  4. Alsohttps://guildjen.com/2020/08/25/skimmer-mastery-collection-guide-finding-sibaha/
  5. Can confirm this is bugged, did the events in full from beginning to end, checked each event against the list on the wiki, made sure I did it.it's so disheartening to spend time on these achievements and then they don't give credit :(
  6. My glitch is Ruins of ORR, norths of deaths anthem, also contacted support numerous times , infuriating not being able to finish achievement
  7. Same here, tried it on two different characters yesterday, and the day before, and it's not complete.
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