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  1. I don't see it that bad. IMO the original Vindicator was terrible design, you didn't have enough energy to actually use most of yours skills + weapons. Plus having to stick with your previous configuration could be a big downgrade to the specialization, specially if you swapped legends because you had nothing useful on the Alliance. I still think is a bad execution, traits are 'ok' now, Greatsword is good, the only think I don't like are the actual abilities and I don't see myself playing Alliance instead of Shiro, Jalis or Mallyx.
  2. Except it does, I see lots of players that only want to group with their zergs or doing dailies, why shouldn't they have the chance to run away from fights. Is not like they can really escape from roamers who also got the Warclaw. And it doesn't remove the risk element at all lol. I can understand some salt because it was OP on release, but c'mon, it's been years. Apart from that I agree with most of what you wrote. Just one thing: the turtle brings only more power to the already unbalanced attackers, IMO the siege turtle should only be added followed by a general siege balance rework.
  3. That's the issue with the boon stack meta. Defensive siege is useless, every relevant cannon can be safely destroyed including the ones inside SM. Same with Mortars and Oil. Arrow Carts are useless against blobs. Unless you bring another blob there is no use fighting against blobs unless you don't mind losing 10 players for every single player you take from them. The thing is there are many players out there that do not share this mindset, and they are fine with let towers be taken by enemies so they can re-take them back and reset participation. Same with camps, on both Piken and Shiv
  4. I like the nerfed, more discrete version. We already have enough kitten glowns and explosions of light... The only reason I have my amulet active is because how discrete the effect is.
  5. I think it will perform very well on competitive modes, but I really can't get into it yet, the dodge barrier is so kittening big for me. Can't tell about PvE.
  6. Be ready to see dozens of "NO, IT WILL RUIN WVW!!!1!1!" from the same guys that complains about Warclaw, Gliding, Tactics, Deser Borderlands or whatever thing that is added to WvW. Apart from the common rivers of salt of this subforum, there is no need to add the turtle UNLESS it improves the "WvW experience" somehow, just like gliding or the warclaw when moving through maps. Objetively speaking I don't think there is any improvement to the game on adding the turtle. Siege is already useless against organized blobs, they don't need a turtle to get into structures. Now, if we talk ab
  7. Coming to face a Trailblazer/Tormenting runes Vindicator. He's better than condi herald, but again, tormenting + trailblazer is a broken combo so...
  8. Considering there are videos out there showing how thieves get into towers using staff (and is not solved as I saw just the past week), I guess they simply don't care.
  9. Honestly is terrible, could have been something more crystal or dragon like, but is literally a rainbow. Sure if it fits your style is a welcomed effect, but otherwise it simply doesn't fit with anything.
  10. I would like it. There isn't much feeling of "Mist-like" outside of core Revenant apart from the legends themselves and maybe one or two Renegade skills.
  11. Hammer dealing less damage over time doesn't mean it doesn't deal damage. We can go with hammer and staff to a zerg and see who deals more damage at the end of the fight. I agree with you that Celestial and Trailblazer stats are a joke of bad taste, but those stats being OP doesn't mean Power Herald needs a buff, it means those stats need a nerf, just like what happened in PvP. IMO removing Toughness or Vitality from Trailblazer and undoing the last Cele buff would be a good call. Vindicator style feels very unwelcoming, but the 100 dodge means nothing compared to the lack of CC. You
  12. I'm noticing that sometimes, after finishing a foe or a camp, I last around five seconds in combat with no enemies nearby, no conditions on me, nothing, while I always needed like only one second as much. Anyone else having this feeling?
  13. Same thought here. Love to see elementalist players moaning about their class being bad, yet on PvP/WvW they will outsustain, outrun and outcondition most of the times. The only one class that no matter the build, you will always have damage +defense + sustain regardless of your build choices, yet they can't understand having low HP. When you see a forum thread complaining about other classes, half of the times that thread is made by an elementalist player.
  14. You know, I can understand people wanting Herald buffs for PvE (although it is not needed IMO), but WvW/PvP? Herald already deals from good to massive damage, be power with swords, be ranged with hammer or be condition with Mace/Axe (not as godlike as it used to be, but still very good). I also agree that it isn't the most optimal for clearing camps, despite having a very good cleave through sword 2 and 4, Glint skills and hydromancy sigil, but that isn't s good metric to say that Herald needs damage buffs. Thief is also kitten at clearing camps and that doesn't mean it needs more damage.
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