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  1. No please enough of Aurene this Aurene that
  2. I had this same thought until the last patch, where they added an extra achievement after completing Dragonstorm (the #23 achievement of the collection), which consist in talking with Taimi. So I guess the very last step of this collection is just... Well, talking with Taimi in order to finish this "season of dragons" and receiving the amulet. I'm keeping the mats though. Just in case.
  3. Go to play sPvP where you don't need to pathetically disconnect to avoid being sieged while downed and leave WvW players enjoy WvW.
  4. The summarized point of WvW is fighting, be on plain field or through sieging or defending structures. Your server benefits from you while you do that through points each time you kill a foe. Your individual rewards are leveling, small loot and participation for the chest progression, but it doesn't have a structured progression like sPvP telling you "WIN!" or "LOSE", so that may explain your feeling.
  5. The vast majority of WvW players just play the mode because they enjoy it. So if you are seeking for any 'reason' to play, you probably won't like it.
  6. Considering your view of the situation, seems like you are the one lacking the reference point.
  7. This would be amazing but I'm too afraid of nerfs. Looking at the reactions on this thread, someone must be really confused!
  8. I think it should have some limitation to prevent abuse. Like long CD or the need of siege for ammo.
  9. Alliances, and I guess the siege turtle Also I have this feeling of WvW receiving a new map. That's the minimum, considering their "cornerstone" view.
  10. Not at all lol, just go through the black lion market to the EoD pre-order and it will show you a different website once you choose the payment method.
  11. The shared inventory slot deliver has been disabled for now until they fix an issue, and the gems are supposed to come after ~72h. Everything else worked for me the instant I did the preorder. Just buy it in game, that's what I did.
  12. Seems like half of the strikes not requiring you to even press the dodge key isn't accessible enough
  13. That's what I tell them, go to sPvP and don't complain about WvW players playing WvW
  14. I can't tell if this thread is full on sarcasm or what. Seems plausible to be truth, there is a fair amount of players dreaming on WvW being a plain field to fight and that's all...
  15. I assume the people who say Strikes are dead or takes forever to find group usually try to do them from 2:00 a.m to 7:00 a.m? I have no problem at all to find groups.
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