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  1. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Superior_Rune_of_the_Trapper
  2. I don't see how that makes it worse to anyone, except for those who spend a lot of time talking about what other people choose to do with their time and money.
  3. This may be the best idea I've seen in this subforum in a while. I only see a problem: Having golems and zergs with guardians and scrappers, there is no need to bring more siege abilities to attackers who are already immune to defensive siege most of the times. So there isn't a reason to add more siege apart from "why not?". I'd really like to see the siege turtle in WvW but I'd also like to see some general changes to siege, attack and defense.
  4. Well yes, in equal numbers, organized people will beat unorganized people. Bring your guild and recruit people from multiple timezones and you'll have a strong alliance for the key hours, even if you are not present.
  5. But aren't you doing the same by saying that IN YOUR EXPERIENCE is horrible? I really don't understand what are you trying to say here, but I guarantee you, there is no difference.
  6. Why? Is perfectly fine being able to abuse condition spam while also having high healing power, concentration, the three power stats, toughness and just focusing your gameplay in surviving while the enemy dies of boredom because only two classes can spam condition cleanse. Also Celestial and Marauder are exactly the same, we can't remove one without the other. /s
  7. Well yes, of course I picked a guild, why wouldn't I? You didn't? If you are a roamer, why wouldn't you roll with other roamers and risk being matched with an alliance of k-train players? Truth is I didn't pick a guild on the previous beta and my experience was the same than now. How? There is no difference between a guild organizing 500 players and five guilds organizing 100 players to do the same. Honestly this sounds more like a rant against big guilds.
  8. Nope, not "on the beta". On your server. On mine we have public tags, guilds and roamers. What won't work is trying to circumvent guilds like that. Why should we punish guilds with +100 members? What is the difference between a 500 men guild and five allied guilds with 100 members on each one? Why should we make server transfers more expensive while also reducing the guild member limit? I fail to see the benefit of this.
  9. Point 2 is already confirmed, just in queue after Alliances. Points 3, 4 and 6 are irrelevant with Alliances + new reward system. Point 7 is simply weird. It seems everyone on this subforum has a different approach to how WvW should be and somehow everyone thinks their approach is better than the system that has been asked for years and is finally on development.
  10. What's the deal with mortar? Is it even relevant considering you could just go with grenades and save your elite skill for something more useful?
  11. Arenanet must be so tired of this community. Years of crying about every little addition they make to WvW. People have been asking for Alliances for years and now that the system is on its way people won't stop making threads against Alliances. Of course they focus on PvE when WvW community is a kitten show.
  12. Like every class in the game lmao, but not every class has condi cleanse spam.
  13. I mean, looking at their EoD trailers, any marketing would have a deep focus on skiffing and fishing... Which is ok for us but I don't see any new potential players seeing an ad and saying "Fishing?! I'm installing this kitten now!"
  14. I don't think they will, and if you have legendary sets or many ascended gear I think is just better to make another character. Equipment templates are kitten and should be account bound.
  15. I think the face reacts says enough.
  16. I think most people don't dislike roleplayers, but the absurd amount of weird furries on that group and their weird fetish. Most roleplayers being Charr characters is not a coincidence. Of course the meta argument is just a ridiculous excuse to target you.
  17. This is a tricky situation because we are overstacked. Once the relink happens, things will surely change and is unlikely either FoW and GH will be as strong as they are now.
  18. Hammer is purely a CC weapon on warrior, the fact that said weapon can deal up to 8k damage, which is half Hp of most classes says enough about Berserker damage. Meanwhile Arc Diviner is dealing 17k damage in less than a second. I never seen a Reaper reaching that number. Warrior glassier? With two skills that allow you to ignore 100% of direct damage, with also a 3s block? Reaper tankiness comes from the shroud which is also its main damage source. So once the shroud is gone, so is most of Reaper damage, and the "tankiness". The only class that can "stand on point" is Scourge and b
  19. Wut? Warrior can oneshot everyone with just Arc Diviner in less that a second, Reaper can't. Warrior Head Butt isn't an obvious skill that you can easily dodge, Reaper's Executioner's Scythe is.
  20. This was also my experience when I was on Surmia and linked to Shiverpeaks. No activity if there isn't a commander giving orders, no defense at all. Just people watching from afar and waiting to capture undefended structures. This notorious guild that I won't mane doesn't help either. I heard Shiverpeaks was once a very competent server, but during the month I was there I just saw a PvE server with very low activity. I recommend you to wait until the next week when the next beta arrives. Don't pick a guild and just get into whatever alliance the system assigns you to. Take that week to me
  21. Meanwhile I just played a game where enemies coordinated to kill me and not let me play teamfights. Good thing my team took advantage. But I agree with the lich being OP.
  22. Shiro is good in WvW and "ok" in PvP, the Phase Traversal CD does not make sense imo. I think Shiro shouldn't have so high energy cost, but it isn't dogshit at all. Neither are Jalis or Mallyx.
  23. Since you say you are recording this every day, care to post it? Or at least upload it to YouTube and share it outside of the forums.
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