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  1. Dungeons are fun and I really do enjoy them but I don't think there will be anymore. I don't think they'll be touched ever again tbh.
  2. There is so much more they need to do, need to fix, even starting development on a new game with their cut down team isn't a good idea. If they fixed and improved a lot of stuff the population would rise again. With it coming to Steam it'll most definetly increase from that. The only thing I worry about is, there really isn't a tutorial.
  3. We have a Basic Guild Cape and I like to think with EoD (or maybe beforehand) we'll get an Ornate Guild Cape or something better looking cape-wise to represent our Guilds.Maybe a more complex Guild Cape crafting system, with many different shapes like Guild Wars 1. With the high ranking Guild officals create the design for all to wear.Would be nice to see something in the future. Any thoughts?
  4. I wish they'd let you show off your titles or at least add an option so you can make it jsut for you if people are gonna make a big deal out of it!
  5. True but a lot of the new people coming into the area don't know that. I've had to explain to that to rather a lot of people. So to make it easier just pop those maps into a category.
  6. I've been working on my Luminescent armor this week and noticed once again that there isn't a LFG for The SilverWastes and Dry Top. Why isn't this a thing so many years on? Can't be that difficult to add and hopefully they do so soon! Any thoughts?
  7. Ahh thank you. Arcdps for some reason kept reappearing whenever I deleted it. Had to completely reinstall Guild Wars 2 and now it is working fine. Thank you for your help!
  8. After updating the July 7th patch. Whenever I login and click play, I get a white screen and after a few moments the game just stops. no error, no crash report, nothing. I've ran in administration and also repaired the game file itself but it continues to just stop. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  9. The Warclaw is very helpful for small scale roamers like myself to take on bigger groups with the ability to stomp whilst mounted...
  10. I understand most things in this patch but siege weapons and the Warclaw didn't need nerfed at all. Literally no point of having the Warclaw in WvW anymore as they keep nerfing it. Taking the speed buff in your own territory to this. RIP
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