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  1. Greetings Would there be any community interest in an event like this? Preferably on a day & time that is the most accessible. Just some silliness for the heckuvit, there doesn't have to be a swimsuit competition hahahhahahhaah
  2. Anybody on Mac that wants to play for more than an hour HAS TO PAY A MONTHLY FEE. Those new legals are telling on many levels if you take the time to read them?
  3. Lily of the Elon in Crystal Desert has some ferocious trout.These trout are so ferocious they try to leap out of the water after youNo I am not a worm or even wormlikeNo I am not kiddingEnter at own risk WAHOO* *Charr dismount
  4. Yeah I noticed something else in the billing for a 6 month don't wait in line pass I got through GeForce that I am keeping track of for next time if I am still playing. I get not wanting to enter financials anywhere & Paypal ^^^^ works too.
  5. Mounts as loot instead of the current grind. Could be a way to liven up old content like dungeons
  6. You can buy gems through GeForce now but you will also probably "need" to pay for better access if you don't want to wait for the sometimes up to a couple of hundred people ahead of you in the queue as a free user.
  7. You are automatically logged in to a class you have never played or the one you play the least with the crappiest gear on April Fools Day
  8. These are supposed to be goals ingame but I think they are mostly eyesores
  9. The one thing I find the most ironic is Anet's use of the error message we Mac users got " used" to seeing every update to tell us they were ditching us. I have been trying the game out on Nvidia for when it goes dark here. All I can say is that the next expansion better be mindblowing to keep me as any kind of customer after 6 years. All those shared inventory slots & bank increases & bag character increases & permanent logging/foraging tools, world boss portal etc gonna be of no use.https://i.imgflip.com/4vgwfo.jpg
  10. I just logged in to Nvidia, created a free account & am in queue behind 126 other players (free account)I can play for an hour? WAHOOOI bought Heart of Thorns AND Path of FireIs the way Mac users are being treated the result of combination corporate thinking behind a pay to play expansions "free to play" game?Another example of game developers losing control to corpo shareholders perhaps.Regardless, Arenanet "soft cc's/cancel cultures" its Apple playerbase for whatever reasonBut hey, spend $5 a month to play a game on somebody elses technological dime sounds like a win to me?NotI wonder if
  11. I did a lot of research on games for Mac before I started playing.I've spent a bit over the close to 6 years I have played GW2 but I am not a whale by any means.This isn't about wanting a refund either.I knew gemstore purchases were being turned off today for Mac users.Which is why I made sure I got that Dragon focus yesterday knowing that my game days were numbered.If I buy a PC or a console, my experiences as a Mac customer are sure as heck going to figure in to whether I want to continue supporting Anet period.Despite how much money I have already "invested" in a game, it's more about how I
  12. I strongly suspect that despite framing Apple for everything, the "Mac department" has already been shrunk sufficiently that they can't maintain a viable Mac version of the game. They are only blaming Apple for things that would indeed lie in their own control, such as keeping the client alive for those able to use it as it is. I can't help but feel this is also a bit of chest thumping against Apple as in David & Goliath.But isn't Anet owned by NC Soft who are owned by ??So who is David & who is Goliath?Apple is ebil to game developers, ask Fortnight.You go anet!You go NCSoft!!You go T
  13. It's pretty clear Mac users are not as profitable for Anet. Otherwise they'd be scrambling to fix this issue. Everybody talks about the cost of the game & refunds but what about the cost of all those permanent account additions like shared spots or bank storage or material storage? What about all the gems spent gambling on the pyramid scheme black lion chest items you need 4 of to get 1 of to get 9 of to get 1 of over the years of play. How does one value ones time put into a game as well as money by choice only to be told you aren't worth it?
  14. this is just dumb. why does arenanet delete my comments but allow this kind of "you bad person you" opines
  15. Feedback's pretty simple:Input lag is manageable as long as you're close to the data centers. When the game would normally drop frames (rotating the screen quickly in the middle of a busy WvW battle, for instance) you tend to get massive tearing.Anet constantly locks your account due to IP address changes. great points! also, why should the player do Anet's research for them? laziness on their part IMO
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