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  1. As a collector myself, I have wanted these so much for so long. I have played since launch but I missed the time they were available. Please bring these back Anet.
  2. I really love the new Wondering Cloud Chair and the Victory Rock Novelty, but there is something wrong with both of them: Charr on the Cloud Chair are off centered while charr on Victory Rock have many infusions floating to the side of them and not properly applied. It would mean a lot to charr players who have one or both of these great novelties, if Anet could make the charr look just as good as the other races do while using them. Here is an example of the Wondering Cloud Chair being off center: And here is an example of Infusions not being centered on Charrs while using victory rock:
  3. Grey Items do not need to exist in the game. ( you could keep the decent ones like shiny bubbles etc)White items should only be basic vendor items.Blue Items do not need to drop as frequently and should mostly drop form sub 80 environments.Green items are the same as blue in this regard.Yellows are ok since you can salvage them for ectos etc.
  4. I am going to take a wild guess, but given that area of the world speaks a good deal of English, they just go with English since it is like the original language of the game.
  5. I read somewhere something to the effect that the devs don't look at suggestions because then its not their idea and it can cause some sort of copyright issue. I might be remembering incorrectly but something in the ball park of that.
  6. I can understand some of the challenges that the audio engineers will face with this new setup ( multiple new setups each with their own quirks) but i think it is the best solution at this time.
  7. Can you please bring back the Boxing Gloves to the gemstore? I try to collect as many toys as i can in the game and I regret not buying them in the very beginning.
  8. "Mechanics win just about every story fight in GW2. All a "meta build" does is completely trivialize them. This is one of the reasons players in optimal gear and builds almost exclusively find the story unengaging content." Yes Meta Builds and mechanics Are OP in Personal story, and I believe they are accounted for even in personal story due to the fact how grindy it gets if you don't use either a meta build or meta rotation style of play. Just try playing in an unoptimized build with more mixed stats and no repetitive rotations and see how much longer the fight goes. The problem here is tha
  9. So you are saying you don't notice the difference with something closer to a meta build than some sort of hybrid build? Also, all I remember seeing was being able to interact with the sword and didn't have some message popping up saying one of the 5 skills on the sword did good damage towards the break bar. You will also notice that you could switch from that Sword to your other weapon sets on the fly, making it ambiguous as to any special ability that gave you an edge. If there was some obvious tool tip or something that indicated or hinted at it being powerful for breakbar then that's one
  10. It is when there isn't an equivalent number for male characters. That is quite an absolute statement there. I do really think it boils down to who are the majority of players. A large majority of players are straight female or male. There is a good chunk of both genders that appreciate feminine looking female characters. I think there are probably some females and males that would like skimpy outfits for their male characters but I doubt there are as many as male and female players that like skimpy outfits for their female toons. Male+Female players like skimpy outfits on females more than t
  11. I agree that there should be more outfits for female that aren't so revealing, however, I don't believe its sexist, but that people like skimpy outfits, including girls. I think its more of a demand sorta thing.
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