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  1. Which isn't spectacular when you think about how a bot works. My brother leveled in another big MMORPG with lousy bot detection some years ago and made some videos about it (sadly got deleted from YT) and he got a kitten ton of tells from players how great his healing was and how he could have survived the 1v2 as a healer, etc. It all comes down to rotation and reaction times. A good bot dodges almost perfectly and doesn't make mistakes and isn't as relying to ping. We as players on the other hand have to predict and watch for animations, often with a terrible ping. The bots I
  2. It seems to work after password resets. I still don't know what the exact problem was and that bothers me, but thanks for the warning.
  3. I did some research and checked the password with "Winmerge" in case my of copying it through Signal/Discord/.txt onto my other computer changes a special character or something. No errors showed and the passwords are identical. So i re-checked if I accidently made an error in my login. Negative, E-Mail adress is correct too My next step was to accept it won't work and just change the password for science purposes. I logged into this account and tried to change my password here. And suddenly. The password for this account is wrong too. I can still login into it, but i canno
  4. Hi, fellow citizens of the Anet forums and especially you: Anet support. I tried to login into my GW2 account on my notebook and got this error message. It says with the above mentioned error message. Now I tried to boot up my desktop pc (other room) and i can log in with the same login/pw combination that is refused on my notebook. Why?
  5. And we all complained about it to be changed. And it has to be changed again. Why? Because people get used to afk'ing because it's way more convenient to reach the stupid designed goal. Basically wvw dumbs down into "time = rewards" and the grind for the wvw legendary is still timegated. With new players coming into wvw, you won't keep them by telling them "you'll have to play 5h a day for two years to get xy", no one will do this.
  6. I'm really sad that I missed the original version of the fight when gear was limited to soldier, rabid or berserker or valkyrie. I did a lot of trying last year and made it on my main account with grieving or viper. I want to try it on my alt again this year. GW2 really needs more bosses people have to train for and learn to get out of circles - would improve the quality of wvw players too.
  7. Does it? Which class does 28k damage in 5 second window?
  8. What are you trying to say? That being on range with 2k toughness, 29k hp justifies getting instagibbed? As I saw the animation of the rapid fire i was already in downstate. If I had a dodge left - which I had not because I was infight - I'd still be dead. And no, neither core necro, nor minion mancer, nor shroud.
  9. The damage modifier stacking and applying quickness on top of it should have been nerfed years ago. This basically happened in ~5 seconds.
  10. Trying to have some fun on a trailblazer necro? Denied. https://imgur.com/T1rBfCEPew Pew
  11. Sure, if one lootbags equals 50g I'm ok with this.
  12. Hidden tags are the worst thing in game. I don't mean that guilds sometimes run hidden, but commanders that run hidden all the time. They are part of the bad state wvw is in.
  13. Let's have a comparison between two "glass" builds, shall we? The soulbeast from the video vs a staff weaver. Both are "glass" but only one is really squishy and dies in a second while hasn't the same DPS output. Glass in GW2 doesn't really mean glass, when you can combine it with mobility, stealth or invulnerability skills. On a weaver you could be glass as possible and that soulbeast wouldn't die if not afk - while the other way around the weaver would be killed by autoshots from the SB. That doesn't mean you cannot build an Elementalist as glass and be successful, but it's still
  14. You cannot survive damage from that many other sources either? What are we expecting here? And what are we still talking about? A scrapper can easily convert 5 peoples conditions. A normal build with cleansing sigil can cleanse the majority of the conditions thrown at you in 1v2. Can it help you sustain a 1v5? No, and it never should. As you never should survive a 1v5 vs power classes.
  15. That's not the point. The op wants an easier way for PvErs to get the wvw legendary so they don't have to deal with "WvW" but can have their own WvW experience. There already is an easier way for PvErs which is called PvE legendary armor. If you want the WvW skin, you have to go the way through WvW as I have to go into PvE if I want the Nevermore skin.
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