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  1. I now encountered the same problem while doing the "Mystery of Drakkar" light puzzle. I also encountered another interesting bug while doing the "Mystery of the Raven Gate Ruins". The first mirror reflected the light even while facing away from the light. in fact it did not matter how I turned the mirror it kept reflecting the light.
  2. The light puzzle mirror east of the "Still Waters Speaking" POI is broken, specifically when trying to use it for the "Mystery of the Bjora Marches" puzzle. I have tried a number of times now, and the light bounces off the mirror, only to collide with the frame, making it impossible to solve. I have submitted a bug report, and others on the map have claimed similar issues with the same mirror. Just posting it here in case anyone else has encountered the same problem
  3. Hello! As the Title suggests, I am wondering whether the Mystic Chromatic Ooze is something which can be added to your novelty slot or whether you have to open your inventory every 5mins if you want the effect on? https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mystic_Chromatic_Ooze
  4. The only profession which can use an axe and a pistol is the Mirage. The mirage does blind and confuse people and make clones of itself to ambush its targets. However, based on everything you said I would still go with Thief - Daredevil. The staff is a very nice weapon on thief and close to a agile brawler you can get in this game. Also like mentioned, thief uses a lot of dirty tactics like blinds and traps and steals improvised weapons from enemies.Also daredevil gives you the Fist Flurry skill which is a hand-to-hand animation. The Hidden pistol is actually a Charr racial skill, so consider
  5. Seems it is an underwater skimmer! From what I can tell it will be available for anyone who gets the mastery, and not as a birthday present for specific playershttps://www.pcgamer.com/guild-wars-2s-skimmer-mounts-are-going-underwater/?fbclid=IwAR3PKwBlVkUscmBZHzMQAfMcVgMfAoCTVFWBjsbvtIT9MyUFGjRZhRP38-s
  6. ^This, I felt one could completely ignore mechanics. Really boring. Would be great if they could shorten the length by getting rid of the first half of the north meta where you go after the tribunes. None of the tribunes feel like unique bosses, it adds no depth or lore or any interesting mechanic to the game, it is just another champ train. At least then I could appreciate some of the interesting things in the keep fight. Even so, the keep fight was bland, I felt ZERO immersion into the world. HOT map metas did this really well, and I think Dragonfall also did a good job of making you feel
  7. Thank you so much for the feedback thus far I think my options at the moment are Condi Herald https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Herald_-_Condition_Frontline Celestial Scourge https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Scourge_-_Celestial_Scourge Aura Share Tempest https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Tempest_-_Frontline_Aurashare
  8. Hi! So I just want to give some background on my WvW experience and what I have tried and what I have enjoyed. I want to play something that can be useful in a Zerg, but that I actually enjoy playing at the same time. So I have had experience playing with 4 professions-Warrior-Mesmer-Necromancer-Thief The most fun I had was on Mesmer, I tried both Chrono and Mirage and enjoyed them about the same, but ended up preferring a mirage with greatsword. I was mostly messing around, but I did not yet know how a WvW zerg works, and I began to realize that spamming GS ambush skills and phantasms on an
  9. Sorry, yes, 1,6k. Not sure if it is still 2k at full price but discounted to 1.6k at release? For people who don't know what it looks like:
  10. I don't understand why this is a 2k gem skin? No unique animations, it is just like any other reskin, and we have had some really cool reskins like Lithosol. This does not feel like a 2k skin, but just a regular one you would get in a mount select package
  11. I am actually in the same position as the OP, and I agree that I should have probably read more carefully, but I get so many warning about salvaging junk that I have learnt not to read. It is interesting that I based my assumption on the trailers, you can see in these timestamped videos that for the Boreal Weapons they were announced as upgradable in the trailer for , however in the latest release , the Stormcaller weapons were just called a new reward . Based on the info from the trailer I just went into the assumption that these new weapon sets are not going to be upgradable, and it is
  12. What is the necro build people are talking about? Is it power or condi? Is it specifically core or do e-specs also work?
  13. Hi everyone! I am a bit of a casual player when it comes to PVP, most of my time is spent in PVE, but I do like to learn and improve, but I do not have to time to craft working builds of my own. I played some 2v2 for the first time yesterday, and it was very different from 5v5. I am trying to think what I would enjoy playing. I see the forums are saying Fire Brand and Core Necro are out of control in terms of balance. Is the Firebrand build people are talking about this one? - https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Firebrand_-_Symbolbrand I struggled to get good damage out of it, in 5v5 I was more
  14. How exactly? It has to do with the nature of pulsing abilities, and it’s relationship to subgroups Let’s say for example I have an untraited facet of light on passive mode, and it has a pretend duration of 3 second regeneration. Since the ability pulses every 3 seconds, the ability will apply regeneration to 5 people...no matter how hard I try or whatever configuration I have set up, it will always apply its effect on 5 individuals at any given time. Following this, let’s say we add some concentration so that our regeneration duration has been increase to 9 seconds. If I am in a subgroup of 5
  15. ^This, your template for pvp no longer loads automatically, and even before that you might have different weapons equipped while doing open world content. You need that time to swap to your pvp build If I remember correctly the devs did comment on this and said they were aware people do not always queue with the character thay want to play with and they want to give players that flexibility to queue in open world and use that time. I got 100% map completion on two characters while waiting for pvp queues
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