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  1. If your internet is that unreliable you might want to avoid playing ranked pvp... your connection affects not only your own play but your teams and the enemy as well. You get some dishonor, and can play other gamemode, but your whole team waste 15 minutes because of your connection...
  2. The MegaMountâ„¢ transform from dragon to bunny to turtle omg !!
  3. for wvw thats not the issue - the issue is it doesn't really matter which server is winning and the constant rotation of linking just makes it worse. spvp bot developer (main one) left GW2 for FFXIV. you can check tpots vid on this, pvp now has pretty much no bots, but also low population atm.
  4. I suspect it is because EoD maps have a lower player limit per map instance, so you see less players in each map - but there are plenty of players playing on it, just on different instances. That's why the maps become full so quickly in the LFG while it seems only maybe 50-60 players are on it at once. 50 players across such a big map looks like it is mostly empty, but in fact not.
  5. The main way to push people to endgame PvE content is to first get them to try such content. You are thinking of moving people from Dungeons to Strikes/Fractals to Raids, and such. But the main population of the game is stuck in Open World. Some don't know that Strikes are a thing. You have to get them into the system before you can upgrade them and get them to harder content like CMs. There is such a large percentage of people playing GW2 that only play Open World. Oftentimes, because of the split communities that GW2 has, we don't see those people as a majority. And its fine if all they want
  6. You do use some pretty harsh words, but the point that they make, while disagreeable to some, is mainly that there is a just reason to attempt to not just push the fractal rewards to the new EoD Strike Missions, but also the population. What is the justification? Well, based on their words, it seems that A) They are appealing to the "majority" of Strike Mission players, as opposed to FractalCM players, and B) that Strike Missions are newer content and they intend to push players in that direction. How to get players to play that content, if some are still hung over on older content? Easy, drag
  7. I'm guessing nobody else has this issue, so its on my end, but I'm not sure how to fix this issue. Hopefully someone can offer some insight into why this is happening
  8. This issue recently just happened, before my ping was high but never had such high spikes. It occurs seemingly only in PvP matches and causes everything to lag for multiple seconds, which by then I likely am dead. I'm assuming that it is just happening to me, I've never had this issue before and it makes pvp games really hard to play. Right after these spikes the ping goes back down to normal. Usually my ping is around 100-200s. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/oavofCO https://imgur.com/a/gKR8BoI (these are from two different matches today, it only happened in t
  9. I completely understand what you mean. I agree that the "theme" of the class is important and the perspective as gw2 is an RPG. You also said that the viability of thief from a gameplay perspective also matters. And your wish for them to work within the theme to accomplish their goals is reasonable as well. But I'll defend Anet here, at least just for the Specter. Certainly there may have been better ways to implement the theme of the specialization of thief as a support, even as a ranged support as you say. But I think there is something to be said about the thief style of playing affect
  10. Yes. I know that neither of our opinions are more valid. But then why should anyone ever express their opinion on the internet? I simply added this to show a different perspective. No, you didn't say "all" thief mains. True. But you did exaggerate. Nobody is crying about the elite specs.... if they were they likely need to shut down their computer and take some time outside. This is a beta.... the whole point is to test classes and see each of the issues. If each class was absolutely perfect the beta would be a waste of time. Never meant to argue preferences - in fact,
  11. I would add that if you really care that much about the "spirit" of the class, a lot of current especs don't really fit that mold.
  12. People have been asking for a thief support spec for a long time, and got dd and de... finally it happened, I think the specter is pretty good, with some minor improvements. Now thief is viable not just as a pure damage dealer. Also, it looks like thief main Sindrener (R55) has been liking the spec soooo no not all thief mains are crying about this.
  13. I feel like these specs are the real deal despite willbender and harbinger perhaps not up to par to my expectations.
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