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  1. As far as how they make up the revenue, I wonder if people would be up for the idea of Anet giving an option of charging more for the slots if they were account wide?Instead of 400 gems, say 1000 per slot. Probably wouldn't make up for the offset of what they're making now on these specifically, but would be great if the option were there.
  2. Hey all,I've been playing on and off again since launch but I'm new to the forums, so here goes.... Am I crazy to think bag slots should be account bound vs soul bound?I feel like I spent a decent amount of gems maxing my bag slots on my main, but it drives me crazy to think I'd have to spend the same amount of gems on alts, which is why I haven't done it. I'm sure there are people here maxing out all of their slots on all of their toons, but did that feel fair to you when you did that? Is there hope that this will change?
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