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  1. Well condition Daredevil went to the first place in dps after the buffs. https://snowcrows.com/benchmarks
  2. I saw some serious buff at 08/06 to condition dodge trait and a bug fix to dagger 3. Are those changes increase dps by a lot? I come from staff mesmer, and I am interested in making a condition Daredevil. Is it suitable for fractals?
  3. This phantasm doesn't give condition nor boon. It seems out of place as a power phantasm in a condition support weapon.
  4. The major ferocity and minor power/precision will conflict with the berserker stat. The one with major ferocity will be better since all the power builds go for 100% critical rate.
  5. With recent rise of condition builds, I think we will get a new stat combination in EOD to support those builds. I am pretty sure we will get something like Condition damage main stat Expertise sub stat Concentration sub stat This will help condition only builds that have support elements in them, just like diviners release for power supports. What do you guys think will be the new stat combination we will get with the new expansion?
  6. The nerf in alacrity didn't do much difference for fractal, since we get extra concentration from agony. With chaos and fractal potion go from 2,5s to 3,25s letting as get 100% uptime alacrity with vipers gear. The damage nerf in clones was hard, but it didn't affect the ambuses skill. Overall I will say we are ok for fractal as support build for alac and might.
  7. This is false. U press 2 on staff and then u use the heal deception and the utility one. 3 clones in 1 sec with 2 extra mirage mirrors. Then u can do like 6 ambuses for burst. (2 from mirrors, 2 from dodges, 1 from weapon swap and 1 from endurance regeneration). If we use the build I said at the begining we do 24 ambuses with all our clones, cause we don't shatter. I think the build have burst.
  8. Hello I would like to play this lazy mirage build for fractals. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PihAYZlRwiYIsE2IWUPdvMA-zRJYmRFfZkZK0RFI8FRE2DTktAzZF-e It work by spawning 3 clones and all attack with you. No shatters and no phantasms, just ambush with all clones and a moa for cc. Is this big dps loss from the standard alac mirage? I would like some opinion. Thx
  9. U dont use Choatic transference. U use renewing oasis from mirage trait line. Perma regen
  10. For fractals mirage can go full cdps. With 162 agony and the chaos trait the alacrity go to 4s
  11. I think we should make changes to confusion like the ones we do you torment. Confusion is garbage now in pve. Keep the damage per second as it is and reverse the damage on skill activation. For example it will do the extra damage if the target doesn't do skill instead of when it does skills.
  12. The chaos storm will go to 25 sec CD. The lesser chaos storm will do the same?
  13. Can someone give the numbers for those changes so i can theorycraft. Thank you
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