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  1. I'm sorry, but this is incorrect. An overabundance of particles can absolutely cause symptoms that behave like lag. It's never a good idea to dismiss something that a user could try to see if performance improves as "irrelevant" out of hand before even trying. Might not be the solution, but until it's ruled out, why dismiss it? You may have misunderstood what I intended to convey, which is that particles can produce latency because having 100 particle emitters running on one's system can drastically reduce framerate. The problem the OP is having may very well be a netwo
  2. I've never enabled any camera or movement options other than what come as default. Though I occasionally find myself holding a kite in the middle of a battle, so I could have twitchy-fingered the wrong key, if there are keyboard bindings for camera options. One thing I note is that I also experience this the most often during Claw of Jormag, when there's a lot of fear-running and cascades of ice shoving players down the slope. When I regain control of my character, it's reoriented to the physics of the object to which I'm nearest, rather than an x, y or z axis.
  3. Yes, and particle emitters, too. Nothing slows down a game faster than particle emitters, since it's more than just UDP information being transmitted; it's code running on the user's system to generate them. Put a whole bunch of players together, and it's particle insanity. I'm pretty sure (though I'm not logged in at the moment and can't check) there is a way to disable particles in the options. Not that this is an optimal solution, but it's something a user can do to rule it out as a possible cause. A sudden surge of particles can definitely look like packet loss. Of course the problem could
  4. Doesn't the Crystallized Iron Gear hint say "Can be found in crystallized supply caches in the SCAR lane"? Maybe it's just a matter of where not when, but it could be both.
  5. As the last time the Mad King was present in Tryia saw at least one user going around with repeating chimes demanding a gold piece to stop, I suspect not. It really wouldn't make sense for ANet to provide things like instruments, aviator's boxes, portaling abilities, etc, then ban players for using them. Not only can you disable music instruments in options, you can re-enable them just as easily once the problem has been solved.
  6. But the randomness of drops means that could happen any time. I try my very best at every event I attend. Other players do too. Not all of them, of course, but many. Luck decides what we get in a chest, so rewards - unless guaranteed rewards like the 2gp - are always uneven between players. Personally, other than noting there are some people standing around, I'm always too busy playing the game to monitor what everyone else is and isn't doing, and whether their dps/buffs/etc are equal to my own.
  7. I think you and Vayne are both making great points. What's good for one player/group isn't going to satisfy another. It does seem to be a common complaint, though, that some modes aren't getting the support or development they need. I'm a PVE player exclusively, but I absolutely get your point here. Poorly executed/supported game modes are just going to frustrate players who prefer that style of play, while diverting dev/support resources away from the more popular game mode: in this case PvE. I know that, were things opposite, and GW2 were mostly a PVP or WVW-centric game with lit
  8. Unfortunately, the easiest way (I can think of) to solve a true "leeching" problem is to introduce a timeout disconnect due to AFK activity. I think there is one for GW2, but it's set remarkably high, and I'm not sure that would solve anything anyway, since the published API and an allowance for multi-boxing seems to me it would make it fairly easy to set up some sort of script that would cause an AFK player to hit 1 every so often, or any key really, since it isn't participation in an event required to avoid AFK disconnect; just input. And as you point out, some of the rewards for
  9. Yes. Sorry I couldn't find that for you. I'm new. I did search, but I couldn't remember any words in the title beyond Orr. Glad you found it. Hope whatever is going on is fixed for everybody soon. Having everyone on the same page will probably help.
  10. Oops. You are correct on that second bit and I apologize. I must have conflated this issue with another. Sorry for muddying the waters.
  11. ArenaNet is right. Sharing your account is a security breach that compromises their intellectual property far beyond deleting the items of the person who shared the account. I'm sorry your family member was so crappy to you in response to your generosity, but ArenaNet isn't responsible. You're very luck your family member took out vengeance on you, rather than on the community at large. You could have found your entire account deleted to do their tantrum, had they chosen to direct it outward. If you let your friends crash at your house and they trashed it, you wouldn't
  12. I can't seem to find it now. It may have been merged with another thread or moved by mods, and I'm not sure what category it was in. But it looks like the problem has moved beyond Orr now, at any rate.
  13. Collections are a HUGE thing in GW2. Talk to the collections merchant in Lion's Arch to get started. He's in the Commander's Quarter (?) near the laurel merchant, identifiable by a laurel wreath on the map. The collection icon is less recognizable, but he's just nearby. GW2 is very subtle compared to other MMOs when it comes to discovering what's there. They'll give you hints and clues, but you have to pursue them. ESO kind of beats new players around the head and neck with new adventures. I started yesterday, for instance, and I thought I was going to go INSANE until I figure out
  14. The dye unlocking system seems to function similarly to ESO. The nice part about skinning and dying in GW2 which I find far superior to ESO is that you don't have to go to any station. You can apply skins and dyes at any time and at any place. Here's a tip about unlocking things like dyes quickly: In the trading post, you can buy a stack of unidentified dyes fairly cheaply (I think a stack of 250 costs about 11 gp. You surely don't have to buy that many at once if you're still working on increasing wealth.). Then you just keep clicking on that stack and it will identify new dyes (e
  15. Now I'm confused. The only way I know of to get laurels is through log-in rewards. They don't drop from any farming or chest that I'm aware. There maybe achievements that reward laurels, but that wouldn't be a normal reward. The login rewards are the same for everybody, as we're all mentioning. If you aren't getting those rewards according to the schedule, there's a problem that would require you (probably) to file a ticket.
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