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  1. I see, that's actually looks fun, to be honest, kind of a hybrid build, I think I will included it in my long term goals 😄
  2. Oh sorry, I just missunderstood what you said 😄 OK then.
  3. Thank you! But doesn't Reaper loses DPS without ferocity? Or that dmg loss will come back with condi dmg?
  4. Hello I recently started to play strike missions, and I really like it, and maybe later on I will get the confidence to join in raids as well 🙂 However a lot of times I get confused about the lfg descriptions and so I'm just afraid to join a squad at all, because I don't know if I'm meeting the requirements or not. Is there a list where these abbreviations are explained? For example: LI, KP, Dudu etc.. Thank you!
  5. Hello, Mos tof the time I play only PvE content and going for the achivements, but recently I started to do strike missions as well. This gave me the idea that maybe later on, when I feel much more confident, with different builds I would like to try out raids, and maybe later on WvW and PvP as well. So for that I actually planning to collect all kinds of ascended gears so I can be versatile, with different builds. I already own Berserkers ascended gear for Reaper DPS (Which I use in Pve) and I made some quick exotic Magi sets to test/play/practice Healer Scourge in Strike missions (Which I
  6. I don't want to open a new thread for this, but this bug is still present and still a blocking issue for the achivement.
  7. Right now the barrier is just plain useless in my opinion.I think the barriers should turn into health after the 2 second phase instead of just disappearing (or at least half of it). Maybe even lower the amount of barrier that can be applied but enemies still has the chance to dps down it and necros now got a better support utility/self survivability.
  8. Not in the next expansion (story wise, wouldn't fit in my opinion), but I would love to see going back to Cantha. I think we will go back when we will face the deep see dragon. Also it would be awesome if with the Cantha patch we would get a new race as well (Tengu).
  9. It would be really nice if we could save/load different key binding setups so we can change easily to an alt.
  10. As far as I love this theory, I think it's going to be a New character introduced to gw.
  11. The problem with thos theory that The commander (us) knows Livia and how she looks. And The commander neither knew WHO was that figure in The vision. Also we actually got to see her at The end of The episode, The commander should have realise its Livia then.
  12. No If Lonai died during the assault, then Joko just simply awekened her and she became her minion, she just simply lost her free will. Koss was one of a kind he somehow didn't lost his free will just like Tahlkora. I wonder if everyone is immune to Jokos magic who were present at Abaddons defeat for some reason or Kormir blessed everyone who where present that day?
  13. So right now "Rise" gives 33% dmg reduction and also protection as well but how much dmg reduction can we get from the two combined (let's say I use spectral armor for example)Is it 66% dmg reduction (from 1000 dmg only getting 340) or the 33% of the 33% (from 1000 dmg I get around 449 dmg)? Or is it calculated some other way?
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