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  1. Okay guys, I have been reading a little bit about Revenants and the mists and I am a bit confused. Until now I have these things clear: The mists are not hell in the GW2 Revenants don't take powers from the ghosts of the Legends but from the Echoes that exist in the mists Revenant can only take power from individuals that made a high impact on the world Now, this is where I get confused: What exactly are Echoes? Do they think? Do they really exist? Why do they talk with Revenants in-game? Why bad things like Mallyx allow to be manipulated by Revenants?
  2. Hey! I'd like to join! My name in the game is Draleonn
  3. Hey! I'm looking for a guild like this, my name in the game is Draleonn, you can send me the invitation
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