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  1. so recently i started to play the gw2 pvp side of things .but i am having hard time understanding what i need to do in each mode . i have tried searching on youtube or other sources to understand these pvp modes but most videos are either about builds or general pvp tips . no video or source tells what to do in each of the pvp mode or map . any link to a video or source that explains them will be super helpful .
  2. yep i find it funny too . if somebody doesnot have self control then it is their problem not the other way around.
  3. you can do so just now by contacting support and asking them to delete your account .it gets deleted within 30 days.
  4. i dont think gw2 is going anywhere so i dont know why you have used the word bang here . also to the topic ,hollywood or in the case of netflix both have been pretty bad when it comes to movies or anime being made out of video games .
  5. because all that money goes into ncsoft pocket . also you answered your own question too so kudos to you for making a thread that you answered yourself.
  6. Thanks .i will start playing pvp with ranger as I liked how it plays out and hopefully get better along the way by learning
  7. new player help needed . so i just bought the game and started playing .at what level should i start playing pvp ?i want to learn how to play pvp effectively and do well . ty
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