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  1. Not sure if this one has been brought up yet, but if you're using a rifle on mechanist and use rifle 5 (the leap attack/jumpshot), your mech disappears. It seems the attack triggers the airborne despawn trigger for the mech that occurs when you jump off of something or use a glider/mount. The mech will respawn the next time you use your glider/jump high enough, or when you use the rifle 5 attack again.
  2. Necromancers don't even have skins for their minions after all this time, I doubt they care about mechanist.
  3. All of this reads like it's written from the viewpoint of a pvper who doesn't play mechanist and finds mechanist annoying to deal with in pvp.
  4. Way to go, you want them to nerf the only decent spec added with this expansion because you're kitten about it.
  5. thanks! I didn't know about that site. This is perfect, now I can finally have a jackal mount that matches my jade mech.
  6. Can this mount be dyed? I've been looking for a robotic-looking jackal and raptor to go with my asura mechanist (already have the hoverbike and gyrocycle for skimmer/rollerbeetle) and this is about the only one I can find that looks like it might fit the bill, but when I preview it, the reforged warhound doesn't use the dye channels I have selected. I want to be sure I can dye it gold and green before buying.
  7. Imagine if rangers didn't have any pets while in the water, and their pet abilities took up trait selections with little to no benefit to the ranger, and literally 75% of your character power was tied up in the pet rather than your own character, so if it dies you become useless. That's mechanist right now. People are just too blinded by the shiny new green bot to see all the issues it has (issues which were brought up dozens of times over 6 months of beta testing and completely ignored by anet).
  8. That'd kinda overlap with shift signet, which already teleports you and the mech, but I'd be all for having an extra ability from it as an F4. We're already losing all toolkit skills, and lose our traits to be able to pick F1/F2/F3 skills, the mech should have something else available to fill that last slot. I still would love to be able to merge with the mech and use it either as a suit or ride around on its shoulders like taimi (could be race dependent on which is used).
  9. I don't think they should be mobile, that's not c what turrets are. However they do need substantial buffs to damage and resilience.
  10. If the new specs weren't such garbage, people might be playing them.
  11. Any suggestions? I mostly play open world pve solo. I've never been a big fan of mesmer in the first place, I never liked the clone/phantasm/illusion playstyle, but I do love the floating and flying daggers virtuoso brings, thematically it's my favorite mesmer spec by a long shot, but it is pretty squishy and seems to have some sustain issues.
  12. I just wish I had an offhand that matched the glowy dagger mainhand. Please let us dual wield daggers with virtuoso >.>
  13. Essentially a melee spec that has pretty much no movement/gap closers. F5 is clunky to use still. A lot of damage potential is tied up in Hammer 3 still, which is extremely frustrating to keep going. Yay for another carpal tunnel atunement-spaz spec. Has almost no survivability/sustain, which is 100% necessary for fighting at melee range with any spec. Brings nothing new to the table that other elementalist specs don't already offer, and do better in most cases. Anet really screwed up with this one. Catalyst should've been a ranged spec. It should have been a simpler
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