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  1. Anytime a guild does a meta/map it ruins it for everyone else because then people only do it when that guild does it. Probably why it's dead on EU.
  2. A better question is why are you expecting rewards from doing anything in this game? The last few years should have made it very clear Anet has no interesting in rewarding players for investing time into their game.
  3. lol originally MMO's were the hardest games around There's also a gigantic middle ground between the 1% autobattler casual and the 1% tryhard world first racers.
  4. What do you expect from a "rewards team" that has failed to deliver any meaningful rewards to any content since EoD?
  5. This isn't a single player game. If players need to artifcially handicap themselves for challenge in a MMO the devs have failed. int32 CBattleEntity::takeDamage(int32 amount, CBattleEntity* attacker /* = nullptr*/, ATTACKTYPE attackType /* = ATTACK_NONE*/, DAMAGETYPE damageType /* = DAMAGE_NONE*/, bool isDOT) { if (attackType == ATTACK_POWER) amount = amount * 0.5; return addHP(-amount); }
  6. It should be clear to everyone by now they intend the game to be mobile game autobattler tier.
  7. This is denial that the game is actually declining in active users.
  8. BPs do not do anything beneficial for a game, ever.
  9. Yeah, Hammer needs a complete redesign before we start buffing that abomination of a weapon.
  10. You will have huge issues generating clones in open world due to mobs instantly dying. Can people stop recommending Mesmer? It's the most frustrating and least effective open world class for giving boons.
  11. Customers should demand MORE from companies not LESS.
  12. Other healers lose all their utility as a pure DPS. Scourge does not.
  13. The best part is they never fixed DE's biggest issue: Zero rewards if you fail.
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