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  1. I'd love for them to allow underwater weapons on land, as well as make fists a legit weapon. The expansion could also introduce new movement capabilities that are exclusive to the elite specialization, which could make travelling without a mount entertaining. Take all this with a grain of salt, I'm just having fun here. ❤️ Warriors could become Brawlers who primarily use their fists for combat. These Brawlers have spent years studying the ancient martial arts of Cantha. After running on land for a few seconds, Brawlers will eventually begin sprinting - matching the speed of a Rapto
  2. I suggest keeping at least 250 Essences of Luck in a bank slot. Further use and also for Lunar New Year exchange thing.
  3. This is not exactly a huge demand among the community, but it'd be great if there was an indicator that stated who owns the portal that we just used. There are way too many Mesmers who troll with their portals across several meta events in different maps, and it's gone way too annoying. The indicator could just appear on the boons/conditions area, it lasts for a few seconds before disappearing eventually. This fix could hopefully thin out the trolling Mesmers, as well as be extended to other items/skills used to troll others - specifically, the Aviator's Memory Box. Sincerely, a frustrated Chr
  4. It's a really beautiful design. It's just a shame that I don't use foci on any of my toons.
  5. Players on a map that's urging players to switch instances should be able to vote against the instance change. This could fix so many issues. I've been on so many situations wherein the Dragonfall pre-meta and actual meta get ruined because of the instance changes.
  6. I've been meaning to get into WvW but it just seems so intimidating. I was wondering if there were any guilds out there willing to recruit a WvW noob?
  7. I don't understand why ANet only limits the commander tag color to a select few colors. I don't really see the point.
  8. Do you guys use titles to show off your progress in the game or just use them for cosmetic purposes? Or perhaps you use titles that fit accordingly to the lore of your character?
  9. Cantha is based on East Asian culture so I bet we'd get something similar to a Hanbok or a Kimono!
  10. Longbow for Elementalist. Burning arrows, healing arrows, arrows dealing vulnerability, bleeding arrows. You get the point. Mainhand pistol for Mesmer. A trickster that just dashes around their enemies while shooting them down with bullets.
  11. World completion, for the first time, should include hearts and grant two (2) Gifts of Exploration. Hearts should be removed for the succeeding completions, but only granting one (1) Gift of Exploration.
  12. The ability for Skyscales to climb walls instead of jump off of them. Climbing or moving against the wall would replenish flight juice but consume endurance.
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