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  1. shelve it next to the wvw alliance update and communication which we don't get.
  2. same here, game freezed in wvw map. I can start the game and pick a character but unable to join any map. Result: Network Error popup. Guess it was a server crash. Seemed every one crashed on wvw. Can join again.
  3. Can confirm, i have 3 additional slots after buying and my material storage has been increased with another 500. Finally some inventory cleaning 😄 But wouldn't mind another 500 and some extra Bank increase tabs 🙂
  4. Killing a dolyak doesn't seem to update the participation timer either. I was at 3 mins participation left in T6 and it used to jump to 5 mins after killing a dolyak. Now nothing happened.
  5. As expected, nothing new. At least revert the silly participation "fixes" you implemented, as this was intended for the alliance alpha test. Even if you can call it that.
  6. anet doenst like to reward people who defend towers/keeps or repair stuff. Seems you no longer get participation for flipping a sentry or killing a dolyak either.
  7. 50 man que on EB and Outnumberd Buff on the map. Seems green server has massive players on the map. While i hardly see any blue or red
  8. No WvW info, so not interrested and the balance upkittente is hardly mentioning it.
  9. Which wvw reward track gives the geodes? I seem to missing this one.
  10. Hello fellow Ranger :) From gw2 wiki Teku Nuhoch — Outside the camp and to the south, between the two cave entrances leading south and east. The Juvenile Smokescale will only spawn if Teku Nuhoch has reached max strength (all meta events at outpost complete). The meta event will say "Success! The Nuhoch have raised fierce battle beetles to help defend them." when the camp has reached max strength SCAR Bivouac — South-east of the SCAR Camp Waypoint. North-west of Vine Wall point of interest. A Juvenile Smokescale will only spawn after SCAR Field Operations reach max strength. The meta event wil
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