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  1. sounds about right man, and its a shame. I think 2 man premades were a compromise by anet, because they know, what happened with gw1, and they have no way to stop these sync droppers from undermining the system out of spite, because they "want to play with friends" other then what they have already impelemented.
  2. I don't disagree with that. a bot, a guy who don't care, a win trader. all types of epople who won't try to win. but whether i'm a silver duo or gold duo it doesn't really change anything. Its just the fact I'm in a duo period.
  3. but think about it man. IMO random duo partners in the same tier should be no different then random solo partners. Why is it? I've literally just asked in general chat for people in gold rank to team with. Sometimes I'm rated higher then them too. Are duo qeues a totally separate qeue then solo? Cause its very strange how drastically different it is.
  4. the problem is you have to duo. if you don't duo don't even bother qeueing. you will end up with bots, win traders, or people who just don't give a crap on your team. Going duo there is less of a chance of that. It really is like night and day man. Doesn't matter who you qeue up with as long as they want to and are in your rank.
  5. whats up with that? I mean its drastically night and day. Its like another world almost. I just join with random dudes in gold rank and I can't figure out if its because as solo qeue there is more of a chance you get a bot, someone throwing, or someone who just doesn't give a crap. Or if the MMR is just fkd and out of wack because of duos. I mean its to the point now there really is no point in even qeuing up as a solo player. It feels bogus and I can understand why there aren't many people who play. RIP.
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