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  1. If it's 10v10 or 12v12, there's no reason to not make it solo q
  2. Do you mean abilities that are meant to hit more targets are spread thinner when hitting below their cap? If that's what you mean, skills in WoW have cap effectiveness at up to 8 targets, and they work around it just fine. Also, 36 specializations might seem daunting, but again that's why I state that streamlining specs into a designated condi, power, or support spec would be much more efficient when it comes to balancing.
  3. Just making my bi-monthly post about how there is a huge lack of variation in sPvP. Strongholds, Capture the Flag, roaming capture points, 10v10, literally anything at this point would be a way overdue update. Recently I've found myself trying to fill the PvP void that GW2 has parasitically left on me. I've dipped back into New World, for some fresh roaming combat, and to engage in the small scale siege game mode of outpost rush. I've floated around in destiny 2 for the last 2 months when trials and iron banner surface. However, what I'm most ashamed of, is my returning to WoW these last
  4. "144 members have voted" - That's actually pretty crazy.
  5. Just going to drop this here... since new game modes is the most voted for. Strongholds and Ranked PvP Future - Player vs. Player - Guild Wars 2 Forums
  6. This probably is due more to the fact that nearly every event you run these days, players are dropping ascended food trays. Meta events, WvW, lions arch, HP squad trains, OW bosses, fractals, raids, heck- even dungeons... Players just have better sources of food, that is easier to come by. (can't remember the names, but the utility trays are a thing too- even if a little rarer.)
  7. Raaaaaaange. Give me range for open world and tagging. Great hammer is stale. Shortbow is tied up with short range and a more reactive spec. Give us a range that is more bursty-type. Give me raaaaaaaange.
  8. Warrior- has some disgusting, and i do mean DISGUSTING condi clear. Ranger- has pretty decent condi clear and mitigation. Ele- "There's condi's in this game?" Guardian- low CD condi clear. This list goes on... The only one I can't speak for is thief, and that's just because I hung that hat up long ago.
  9. would much rather someone target players, than have them stop playing the game to type out their rants.
  10. 10 years of the same maps. 10 years of bunker metas. Now we want to make PvP even more stale, with one damage archetype? No thank you. I'd be inclined to say that condi needs a serious overhaul, but not like that. Necro has access to nearly all condi, which should not be a thing. Meanwhile, specs like condi engi can manage to tick 4-5k for burning, while guardian can pull 10-15k burning /tick. I think they should be buffing these less relevant condi classes- such as engi, warrior, thief to be able to perform at the same magnitude as necro and guardian. edit:
  11. @oscuro.9720It would still lack utility needed for a commander unfortunately. The current abilities, which are nice for their burst, don't really offer decent AoE, or any kind of group benefit.
  12. I really enjoy the dynamic of the bladesworn, but it doesn't do anything that berserker can't already do. I think there is a legit ground to make Bladesworn a legitimate commander for both openworld and WvW. While I think warrior should have gotten both main and offhand pistol to begin with, I realize (if at any chance) that switching it from OH to MH is far more likely. Bladesworn lacks in tagging potential as well, pretty terribly in fact, which makes it hard to take along to effectively participate in metas. With the exception of shouts (which are in no-way limited to Bladesworn), whi
  13. Ah, my bad. Haven't touched it in a long time. However, the same applies in the sense that they are still able to perform attacks during their immunity (something you cannot achieve during a roll). With the vindicators prolonged animation, there needs to be either total immunity, or make it to where abilities can be used while midair.
  14. While I will say I'm enjoying the new especs (even though harbinger is WAY overtuned) I still find this to pretty much be the exact same feeling as HoT release and PoF release, nice for a short time- but ultimately the same as every other release. ANET should post statistics for how often maps are chosen, because at least for me- the same 3 maps get voted for almost every game I play (already nearing 200 ranked matches this season alone). Djinn, Coliseum, Skyhammer... rinse, repeat. When one of those three aren't available, it seems like 1 or 2 people vote out of the 10. You'd thin
  15. Preach. 10 years, and people are just only starting to agree with that pov.
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