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  1. cant wait for *insert 4th elite name* too strong, better nerf staff, fgs and downed. then again, qm curious as how they gonna stretch the nerfs, since there will be no staff at one point.
  2. id like them to not even try, because they probably drop it halfway in like ibs.
  3. you forgot the most important ones: bringing rimstone his mail and be a taxi service for the commander.
  4. that would buff engi, that would be broken. and that would mean a ele nerf.
  5. that has probably more todo with them slapping the shroud mechanic in it. but yea, they had time to change the icon for the container from the wvw/spvp tracks, it feels very dribfeedy.
  6. the wiki has the tp prices on all tradeble items. it also has links to 3ish sites that track the tp prices for said item.
  7. so whats next, you wanna ban goldclaw?
  8. its great that it works for you. i dont use it, my friends dont use it, therefor it should be canceled.
  9. bonuspoints for "iT HeLpS tHe EcOnOmY"
  10. this is false, since we all know the primary nerfsponge is ele. also, cant wait till they kill the jade sliver module.
  11. i wouldn mind a collection that rewards skins/ascended armor, like the knight of the thorn achievo. not like the envoy collection thou :V
  12. and delayed. but what are the chances they "forgot" about them. like the dragonjade recipe nobody had at launch.
  13. probably left ambiguous so they dont have to worry about it later. wich is a double edge. they usualy have a lucky coinsidende or a gaping plothole, no inbetween. that said, it looked to me like ley lines are magic in order, while void is magic in entropy. and i wouldn bet that aurene can handle the all perfectly, we had not even a decade with her as an elder dragon, and with her beeing literal imortal means all kinds of things.
  14. he was an egomaniac warmonger that didnt care what a war against the elder dragons would entail. the others stripping him most of his power just made him give even less of a kitten about anyone else, including the other gods.
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