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  1. Did you know that it is impossible to fully write out the a googolplex numerically?
  2. Can we bribe people with Whiskey? If they are of legal drinking age? I have lots of whiskey.
  3. Get it out and give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  4. So much pressure to come up with a witty retort! Join and and teach me how to wit, lol.
  5. I have an old Macbook (late 2013) and GW2 is still running for me today. Are they just turning support off later than announced?
  6. I can still run the game today....didn't think that was going to be possible. Huh.
  7. I got kicked and now can't log in. Says cannot connect to game client.
  8. Absolutely not true, even if you are just being flippant. The first part is true though. I get if you dont like windows but you could still game on linux with some workarounds. You get a lot better hardware for the same price that way.Getting high end hardware in a mac is just incredible expensive.Ok, yeah the first part is true. I was talking about the second part. I didn't get a Mac for gaming, I got it for photography work. But having spent so much on a macbook, I definitely didn't have funds left over for an additional windows gaming rig!
  9. Absolutely not true, even if you are just being flippant.
  10. People do have to prioritise, just cause someone chose a Mac and also likes to play GW2 does not mean they have shitty priorities. I don't quite get your point. People buy computers for other reasons than gaming, even if they enjoy gaming.I play on a Macbook because I was doing a lot of photography and when I bought this laptop 6 years ago it was the only real option to go with. Luckily it is also decent enough to play GW2. Are you saying that anyone who decided to get a Mac at some point in the past should also be able to afford to get a Windows system too if they want to also play games? An
  11. Not everyone can afford to own two computers.....
  12. If you are able to. My bandwidth isn't high enough according to what Geoforce recommend. So that sucks.
  13. How much does it cost to run bootcamp? I presume you have to buy a copy of WIndows, right?
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