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  1. I thought the scroll bar looked tight enough for exactly 6. I hope that you are right in this regard. Looked like a 2/2/2 split to me. If you are WvW and opt out of PvE and PvP you won't have to do that content. Earlier in the thread I linked a response from Rubi that showed an example of the box where you pick the mode(s) you want.
  2. Weekly resets are monday, patches are tuesday, same day the expansion drops (in my neck of the world). We will probably not get to pick our preferred selection for the first week. (might change up daily quests for the following days but might lock in weekly or special). So yea, a lot like how it is right now for the first week maybe. Not a problem, just a concern. I personally wouldn't want to do obsidian sanctum.
  3. I don't think there will be, but I mostly wanted the clovers from it (others the laurels) so we will get something similar-ish? But no not exactly what we used to get. As far as I know, maybe we'll be surprised. As for the bonus gold increase I sort of expect that to just disappear, but knowing that it only affects drops from mobs and nothing that gives gold in other ways it's a really weak bonus. That said, better than nothing so I can get behind why people would be upset about it leaving.
  4. I've never had a scenario where that would happen so that's also something new to me. My understanding is the black lion requisitions work the same way when your mail is full.
  5. I'm going to just miss my chest too. 🙃 Such is life, even if they had announced the change earlier it's not like there was any way I could have sped up my reward track. On the plus side with the new system, you'll be able to choose it first rather than last (or whatever equivalent replaces it)
  6. Always find a way around a wall yea? And I thought about automated logins too, I don't think it would be obviously identifiable as a bot when you basically don't move and just need to automate a click in a very specific corner.
  7. I still find it to be something that can be worked around. Say it takes the 15 seconds to log in, but you can only do 20 in a row before it locks you out for say an hour. Do your 19 at the start, play your 20th for your time, do your last 20 at the end. I genuinely do not know how it works, or that there even was a system in place for something like that. Probably designed to make it less convenience for people doing it as a deterrent. With some clever multiboxing (since it apparently is allowed anyways), you could be playing and logging into accounts at the same time in a rotation as well. I just don't think the time factor is convincing me personally that it's a hardship.
  8. Sorry, read that as "people don't bother logging in to 20, 40, 100 accounts because it's work", as an argument for why people wouldn't have 40 accounts As I mentioned I have no issue with people playing the game to make gold. There are semantics where "If I get 2 gold doing daily stuff and 2 gold just logging in whats the difference", but one I'd say was intended as a reward, the other was intended as an incentive to log in every day and is being abused when it's the only thing you use the account for. I don't consider it fair or unfair. Like I said you getting a legendary doesn't impact my play at all.
  9. So your argument is that because it takes 30 mins it's a hardship? ~60 gold for 30 mins of "work" and you think that's somehow unfair? If you did why would you do it? Does it change the fact you are getting enough gold for a legendary per month from 30 mins a day without even playing the game? It also doesn't explain how something like that isn't an exploit. I actually don't know where you were going with this defense. If your defense is once again "what we were doing, we were doing for the good of the economy" then again I say that's bull, you were doing it for yourself. Will the economy be affected after this? Probably. But we aren't sure in what direction. If you are suggesting I'll be sorry when the exploits dry up and everything is too expensive, we will just have to see. Again, it IS being changed, so saying Anet would do something if they thought it was a problem; they are doing something.
  10. Good point. So yes I'd say it's an exploit based on the idea that you aren't playing the game, there is no effort, only reward. Do I care about it? Not really, because between flying mounts and mesmers there's nothing you can do about it. Except the jade runestone farm, where you can simply add checkpoints to it like the first zone has for their jumping puzzle. If the gem sales are impacted by the exploit, then it does have everything to do with it.
  11. Pretty sure someone said (in this thread or elsewhere) that might teapot had 40 accounts and it generated 2000 gold per month for him. So that would imply that it did / can / does happen.
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