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  1. I'm really liking the updates for Greatsword, Dagger, and Longbow. Feels like Hizen's old Immortal Spellbreaker build will get a sizeable buff for all the solo PvE fans, and get a fun might boost for open world groups. Sword and Rifle though, no amount of coefficient buffs are gonna make those weapons fun to use. They need more love.
  2. If you're doing to use daggers, dagger 4 combos with dagger 3 because of the daze. It doesn't combo with anything on axes.
  3. Just swapped my viper condi banner build to Rune of the Firebrand for 27/30s of quickness. With alacrity, I'm golden in PvE. Easy!
  4. Is this a gummy follow up to that "warrior is toothless" thread?
  5. More weirdness! What my screenshot folder produces: https://postimg.cc/4YKRsTWp What my screen looks like (preview does appear but only at the top right of the screen). https://postimg.cc/0bMVN2q5
  6. Monitor resolution: 4k. Game res: 1920x1080. Not sure what else to say! I can't preview anything anymore.
  7. It's an amazing decision that I honestly wouldn't have have expected from ArenaNet.
  8. Yes, it's safe. I haven't had a crash for a few weeks now.
  9. At this point, I honestly can't tell which of these "I don't like x, don't make me do x to get y" threads are just trolls.
  10. Alright, so, I've been playing more Bladesworn recently and having a fair bit of fun with it in open world. But there's a few weird issues that really hamper my experience with it. Design problems, not balance problems. Thought I'd share two: Tracking positive flow rate. Yes, there are a few instances where you get Flow on hit/crit, but for the most part I'm depending on Flow Stablizer and River's Flow/Unseen Sword. With GW2's current buff bars, it's pretty hard to track down what your current flow rate increase is at. It's always moving, popping all over the place in between class b
  11. Saw a poor fella whacking at an invulnerable portal this morning.
  12. Gryphon and beetle courses are sorely missing. And all the End of Dragons maps could use bounties.
  13. What kind of content are you usually playing? If it's open world, condition warrior will struggle there. Most of warrior's great open world builds are power based. Open to trying that?
  14. The Requiem runs are chill as heck. No yelling, no stress, no failure. The commander and everyone in discord just crack jokes and the regulars take care of the usual boons. Only thing expected is that you bring the best DPS build you have. Trust me, joining a friendly organized run isn't too much. You have it in you to try this content out and succeed. I'm hoping more runs like this start happening and the community can level itself up.
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