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  1. if it's to slaughter them like they did with balthazar, no thanks
  2. Of course, joko is always right about everything
  3. probably Sensali survivors
  4. well, it will be complicated with EOD since the only challenge you will have is to spam F as quickly as possible in a pond to catch a crab
  5. You misunderstood me, I mean it's the least pathetic of all Which doesn't mean that I validate it
  6. In any case, it's the only one that has bringing entertainment to me. The other specializations look like they came out of a game from the 90s. It's old-fashioned and soporific. I fall asleep in front of the videos. But that doesn't surprise me, the dev who was in charge of specializations has left arena, you can really see it with the new ones
  7. Boring.. The level 0 of originality I understand better why they introduced the mesmer specialization first, it's the only one that stands out a bit
  8. I don't think this is the end of guildwars2, it will live a few more years without new content, probably one last living world season. But, you have to be naive to think that the devs are going to announce the end of a video game before selling an extension. It's a business, they are there to make money above all. So obviously, they are not going to take the risk of disappointing the players now.
  9. No thank you, do not touch this mythical character of gw1, I want to keep a good image of him. After what they did to Lazarus, Joko and even Balthazar which was exploited very badly .. Just no thanks. Especially with the current arena team ...
  10. Yes one of the most boring to do ... While we could have had lore about the human gods, sadness
  11. Nothing I even prefer to spam 1 with a mindless bus into drizzlewood coast
  12. In a way, we can say that arena is very lucky to have a community of players who have no ambition for this game. they don't need to bother creating original content, they just have to make salmon fishing possible and almost everyone applauds while there are dozens of things that could make this game extraordinary. So in the end, there is nothing wrong with arena, why they would tire of creating innovative content if players are amazed to spam F in a pond.
  13. Yes but even by doing this boat feature, arena could do something much more interesting.. A bigger boat that we could decorate from the inside and that we could use to fight during major events there it is very weak ..
  14. Same opinion I wouldn't have been against fishing if it was a small activity like the adventures of HOT but this is one of the big announcements of their extension, the main masteries. While on the other expansions, we had features that changed our whole way of playing guild wars 2 ...
  15. i wasn't hoping for anything , it's the most lousy content possible to add to an extension. I'm just saying that even by presenting it to us as their great feature, they still manage to make it totally soporific.
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