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  1. It looks good visually. In the sense that we find good colors and normal saturation and not the horror of shing jea. But it looks like a generic maguma map, I even had the impression of seeing Auric Bassin a few times .. The textures, vegetation, tree trunks and even some structures are exactly the same. It has absolutely nothing to do with echovald. All the originality of the guild wars 1 area is lost: no more stone, no more sinister and gothic atmosphere, no more yellow stained glass with amber, no more mysterious and oppressive environment. It's a total failure at this level once again But I understood the reason during the live. Echovald's developer makes it clear that she has never played guild wars 1. How do you want to respect the soul and style of this iconic map without ever having played the original game. Mind-blowing.... As for the content, we haven't seen much, the events seem basic and without challenge as usual but we will see later. The new faction and the jade structures, it's totally ridiculous, however, I already miss the kurzicks people 😔
  2. Well it was officially announced during the echovald live , no playable tengu for EOD
  3. Of course they have better results.. there has been no content for over 2 years and suddenly an extension is coming, obviously it was going to go up. it is necessary to compare with the other periods of extension and we must all admit it here: it is a bitter failure!
  4. The new assessment with the famous Q3 which contains the launch of EoD in pre-purchase with the deluxe / collectors. It's pretty downright mediocre ... Going from 16 to 19k, not even 20% increase. Besides the previous expansions had a much larger increase and PoF had risen to 25k. There's really 0 hype for the extension. https://i.redd.it/sorpps2fdzy71.jpg
  5. And yet despite the contempt you seem to feel for Joko and the Mursaats, their rather failed story on gw2 remains far superior to the whole soporific scenario about the dragons. It shows how, in the hands of a quality screenwriter, they would have far more potential than all those repetitive and bland stories about elders dragons. Of course we could expand the history of the Mursaats just by exploiting the island of Janthir and imagining lots of things there. For joko, they can give the origin of his power in the past, explain the reason for his transformation into a lich and and enrich the threat of the scarab plague that has been ridiculously botched in kourna
  6. I am a little reassured. I find shing jea absolutely abominable on all levels .But there ,it really looks like guild wars 1 with more vegetation, the cathedrals look splendid, wait and see friday
  7. They're nagas, aren't they? I don't seem to have seen a krait
  8. I still find it abominably ugly .And yet if there is a strong point in guild wars 2, this is the environment, I have rarely been disappointed by a map in this game. The only time I was shocked was by the massacre they carried out in Kourna. Afterwards, shing jea was one of my favorite places on gw1, I've been waiting for it during 9 years so my expectations were high. And I admit that I expected better considering what they have accustomed us to with HOT and POF. Then I'm not the only one to say it, just read the comments next to the stream and the hundreds of feedback on reedit. This is one of the first times that a map is so controversial, so there is a major problem. Hope they will correct the colors / saturation.
  9. it is quite true what you say. Afterwards, in the new shing jea, it's not necessarily the buildings that pose the most problem to me. It is especially the bright colors, the luminosity, the shape of the rocks, and even a little the sky that is totally different. All these elements change the whole aspect of the island. I hope it will not be the same on all cantha 😞 I hope they will make the green a little less bright, they still have time to make it a little darker until february. Like this, at least: https://imgur.com/a/90dY4Lh
  10. It's a bit of everything, the style of the buildings is too different, the colors are much more "fluorescent", there is a huge problem with the saturation. Shing jea on gw1, even though it's colorful, there are less bright colors that burn the eyes, it's calming / restful. And there is also the music that plays a lot. The POF desert is different from the one of gw1 for example but there is the same light and atmosphere, I really felt that we were in the same place but with years of evolution. For shing jea, i am really shocked with the difference. If only, if it was different BUT pretty, but for the moment I find it really ugly. Finally, we can easily see the difference with the screens below: http://www.noelshack.com/2021-44-2-1635892587-gw003.jpg http://www.noelshack.com/2021-44-2-1635892605-gw007.jpg http://www.noelshack.com/2021-44-2-1635892726-gw039.jpg http://www.noelshack.com/2021-44-2-1635892775-gw042.jpg http://www.noelshack.com/2021-44-2-1635892794-gw032.jpg http://www.noelshack.com/2021-44-2-1635892856-gw045.jpg https://www.noelshack.com/2021-44-2-1635893393-gw043.jpg
  11. We are not asking for the same thing, obviously there will be changes in 250 years as in POF. We just want to feel the same atmosphere, the unique style of cantha, the same soul , the same kind of brightness and sensation. You can make the buildings and the environment evolve while keeping the same unique style. If they make the extension to cantha, it’s to attract the fanboys of this place so what’s the interest to totally change the atmosphere... Especially since right now, it’s to do something much uglier than the original. I went back to visit shing jea on gw1 and it is a thousand times more enjoyable to watch than the presentation of shing jea in video of gw2. You can upgrade a place without turning it into a filthy green fluorescent dung, you know. For the moment shing jea is an insult to gw1 players, simply. We’ll see the other 3 maps.
  12. Afterwards we are already starting to know a lot about this extension: we have seen all the specializations which are mostly bland and uninteresting to play, we know that there will be no raid and fractal so all the HM content will be determined by the strikes, we also know that shing jea does not look like anything on gw1 and is even much uglier with awful colors, there is no pvp, no new race and no new class, a more than laughable feature: fishing ... So personally on my side, my purchase will be 100% based on the content of the strikes and the look of the next maps. If it doesn't look like the cantha that I used to know, I'll skip my turn.
  13. Our eyes must surely see the shades of colors differently. But in any case, even if you find it closer to green, it is much more pleasant to watch than the fluorescent green of the golem or the one of the fractal Yes I agree with you on everything you say except the echovald forest. I find the few images we had a little more reassuring than the rest, it looks quite close to guild wars 1 with more vegetation. For example, the fort Aspenwood is exactly the same style as in gw1: http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2021/43/7/1635711461-echovald.jpg we will know more in 2 weeks
  14. I don't find it green at all, or really very discreetly. I almost only see blue in this video. Afterwards, not all eyes see colors the same way. But in any case, we are very far from the green of guild wars 2
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