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  1. afterwards I agree to say that in guild wars 2 very few characters are outstanding allies so taimi remains one of the most developed. Apart from rytlock, eir and caithe, none marked me positively. There are only enemies that make me like them: joko, lazarus and balthazar and they were very badly exploited . it was totally different on guild wars 1 where I was attached to a lot of characters.
  2. Ok so we can make an arrangement ''we'' let taimi live and ''we''slaughter braham with a shovel?
  3. if there is a week break at each festival, we will not have EoD before December minimum
  4. there is a fair amount of commentary on reedit, not just here and most guild wars lore fans express themselves on the internet afterwards I respect your opinion but I maintain that I want to see her dead and buried as soon as possible
  5. it was an insult to guild wars 1 story but it got a lot worse with the fate reserved for lazarus,livia, joko and even the gods very badly exploited ... and let's not even talk about primordius
  6. I express my opinion, this is the purpose of the forum. I would like to see them die yes, I'm just giving my opinion and you come to tell us that we are bad people just for that .... it's you who attacks us by judging us and not the other way around. when I speak of '' we '' and ''us'', I obviously mean those who think like me on this subject For taimi i don't know but braham's death is requested all over this forum and reddit for years, he's one of the most hated characters in the franchise and with good reason
  7. self-righteous alert we just can't stand having to put up with braham and taimi for 8 years. With bland, ridiculous, annoying dialogues and a totally non-existent development. It's still fictional characters so of course we want to get rid of them for good. And the best way to never see them again is when they die And I, who couldn't stand kormir in guild wars 1 if I had known what we should endure in gw2 ...
  8. I hope she will pass on her illness to Braham and that he will die in excruciating pain i don't want to leave guild wars 2 until i see this. almost 8 years putting up with the worst character I've seen in a video game but yes I hope we will be rid of taimi too soon
  9. To me it just looks like the Kurzick catedrals from guild wars 1. Looks like the same stained glass windows. But since it's 15 years old, obviously it looks more detailed on the new concept art. Guildwars 1: https://live.staticflickr.com/3043/2857232417_f84fff17d9_b.jpg https://wiki.guildwars.com/images/0/07/Durheim_Archives.jpg http://atyrianodyssey.com/gw/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/mourning-veil-falls_house2.jpg
  10. I think the word '' bad'' is not strong enough to express how I feel. It was abominable, the lore was trashed and the content accumulated all the most negative points of guild wars 2 However, I have really been a huge fan of this franchise for 16 years, I am passionate about all the lore of guild wars but there, it's just impossible to find positive points (apart from the prologue). But I understand your desire to replay and I hope you will have a lot of fun in the next expansion hoping arena doesn't destroy cantha ..
  11. For once this crisis had a positive effect, you missed this shameful saga, it's a gift believe me. At least you keep a positive image of guild wars I've been playing since the early days of guild wars 1 so for 16 years and wish I had never seen that. It was awful.
  12. Joko is well above ancestral dragons praise joko ! he will be back when this aurene monstrosity will have been annihilated
  13. Anubis mount is absolutely amazing, so personally I don't care. anyway the lore of this game was wiped out during the saga, so one more inconsistency ...
  14. I do not see why I am wrong, precisely the maps that succeeded the twisted marionette and tequalt suddenly no longer had any leechers, that's what I'm saying. I don't care about the maps that failed these bosses, they just had to get organized... This is proof that when bosses ask for organization, we get rid of leechers and we leave them alone on maps that fail. I'm totally right actually ... And for the rest , you told me that the difficulty does not prevent the appearance of leechers, I proved you that it was wrong. With real difficulty and certain conditions we get rid of i
  15. I admit that it often makes me laugh, the players who put so many infusions that we no longer see their character. It's ugly and so ridiculous
  16. Hmm no that's totally wrong. For example, the twisted marionette , all the servers full of leechers were doomed to fail. Same for tequalt in his first months after his update/improvement. players had to be genuinely involved in order to be successful. I saw very few leechers and even almost none. Of course, the difficulty has an impact on this parameter. If the fight is easy and almost impossible to fail, people do not really get involved and participate very little or not at all. If the boss is complicated with very little hope for success, it will be
  17. I understand your pain, I used almost 900 golds in the black lion chest to have the seraph wings backpack and i never got it All that money for nothing, it hurts 😔
  18. honestly i have never seen so many leechers as during dragon storm, and this since day one. And to come back to the difficulty, we don't need to do something very complicated. Just full of innovative mechanics for the player to have fun. Because dragon storm is really the absolute lack of imagination, hitting the same sponges 3 times is abominable. They have done so much better in the past, I wonder why they returned to this pitiful level during the saga (maybe the change of team during layoffs ...). The question is what game do we want to see, a fascinating game t
  19. Triple Terror was full of players in its early days, but it required too much organization for a game filled with casual players. There is a balance I think, look at the meta event on HOT they were rather complicated especially at the beginning but yet they have a huge success, even today. Dragon storm on its side has a lot of players because it gives an infusion with a ridiculous drop rate. Which will motivate people to participate for months. BUT this mission is so soporific that they will spend their time to leech. No I think we need a balance between interesting me
  20. exactly guild wars 1 was not at all calibrated for such a low level of play So I don't see why gw2 headed for such a poor level of requested gameplay In any case, even in open world, they can try to dose. Ok these are not raids but no need to put an army of uninteresting sponges. There's absolutely nothing fun doing one skill or two on stationary bosses with no mechanics ...
  21. there should be achievements for dying as many times on bosses in living story missions, are you serious? Cause in my whole life, I've never seen a mmo with such easy fights Sorry to be mean but you can survive in this game by rolling your head on the keyboard (except in raid, fractal, strike and HOT). There is always plenty of places to survive against these bosses, you just need to learn how to move effectively in space instead of spamming 1. Arena has a lot of flaws but adding difficult content is far from being a special feature from them 😅
  22. I don't see the point of going back to kaineng or echovald if there is no verticality. These maps have fantastic potential with a design like those on HOT. On the other hand, yes for shing jea and the jade sea, horizontal maps will be good. HoT was a masterpiece without mounts but the mounts just made the areas too easy to travel. It was a paradise to explore upon release of this expansion. The feeling of getting lost in the maps is an explorer's dream on a mmo
  23. Warden/ kappa/ turtle/ Nian/ naga/ mantid /leviathan/ kirin and of course the better one: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Oni and maybe the return of kanaxai
  24. almost 5 weeks and nothing , not even a single draconic lodestone 😒
  25. If you start looking for consistency in this saga ... the devs did not understand what they did themselves
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