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  1. It's interesting that all clone generation skills will instead give you a blade. The trait that creates a clone on dodge will create a blade, the mirror images utility will create 2 blades, etc.
  2. They literally got shield with a block skill which works 2 times. 4 times if you use the heal sigil. They also get aegis pulses with an utility skill, a stunbreak, condi removal on heal, heavy cc elite, rewind time to a better health state... virtuoso has nothing of those.
  3. wvw aoe damage spec? literally everything except for 2 mediocre utility aoes (you need other utilities to survive anyway) is a projectile. good luck with that on wvw, you will never hit any enemy because there's reflects everywhere.
  4. block can be avoided easily by various skills. 3s distortion with a HUGE cooldown, taken away from f4. also, f4 can't be activated without a dagger unlike core mesmer or mirage so that's a nerf as well. the heal seems good but will most likely be nerfed. It has 0 mobility, 0 condi removal apart from getting rid of 1 condi with the heal (lol) and applies no potent buffs or condis, no stunbreak. ALSO every attack is a projectile, good luck fighting against reflects or blocks, especially in wvw.
  5. This class will have no place in PvP and WvW. No evade skills, no swiftness, no conditions, no mobility skills. Just. pure. dmg. Almost everything is a projectile (good luck in wvw). It's obviously a glasscannon made for PvE. It has 0 flavor, it just deals damage and that's it.
  6. Agree with you, the need to give us a second dagger with more distinguishable animations. We literally have 0 mobility with this spec. No swiftness, no teleport, etc. This will requires us to use teleports and other skills still. Totally agree with the two utility skills, they should be made into one. The elite skill is probably the most boring one so far in the entire game. Just a beam that does dmg. Even holosmiths elite is more useful and has more flavor with the knockback, firefields, etc. Psychic force is just like the druid's skill and I'm not that hyped about it ei
  7. me too, maybe next time with a proper minstrel elite spec.
  8. but it doesn't include any music. you just throw blades, not music.
  9. true, but they don't really dance either... its so sad tbh at least make a proper bladedancer.
  10. players clearly asked for a minstrel, its all over the forums
  11. I mixed it up, sorry. Still, one dagger is so boring. We should ALWAYS get 5 skills.
  12. how is that music based? it has no music at all
  13. I'm let down. I was SO HYPED and me and many other mesmers really wanted a music themed bard elite spec. A healing/power DPS hybrid class (like firebrand is condidpds/support or scourge as well) with a shortbow (dreamer on mesmer should finally be usable!) would have been perfect. With some instruments as a game mechanic like firebrand tomes that grant more skills depending on the amount of clones used (concept here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/49520-third-elite-specialization-minstrel-concept/) And when I saw "Virtuoso" I was so excited but then... a blade
  14. If it's a bladedancer with weapons as illusions im ok with it, would prefer a music themed bard class with a shortbow, though.
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