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  1. I think that might make it worse. What i mean by it it says in the report info that they analyze the chat. If someone calls you bot and do not respond might be worse.
  2. Since i am only missing 3 of the precursors to finish the legendary light armor i was like ok lets finish this season. So all pumped up I loaded my trapper guardian trapper and started playing. 3 games in I am called a bot... So I think and i am like maybe its cause of the gameplay style i mean i drop traps I pull ppl in with the chain and i finish with greatsword. So i decided to change i mean why risk my account right? I change to thief deadeye. 2 games in again another person calls me a bot. I was in Capricorn standing near mid in the bushes kneeled picking them 1 b
  3. Maybe they could give you for turning the extra in to a merchant a chest that gets you a account bound glyph of your choice.
  4. I wish the infinite gathering tools could be added to the legendary armory. Wish a set could be used on all character not having to constantly switch from one character to another. And yes I know about the shared slots and already using them like that but its just stupid specially when monster's constantly put you in combat so you always have to wait for them to be swappable before changing character. The Value of a full set of tools from TP can not be recovered even if you were to play constantly for years. I feel like once you own a set of them you should be able to ge
  5. Yeah that's what i am afraid of as well. Some pay wall to unlock slots or something in that area.
  6. In the summer live 2021 post you said that you will come with more info for the legendary armory as we get closer to its release. We are now 1 month away from legendary armory release and we still do not know anything about it except what it should be but not how it functions or what requirements or if the legendary runes and sigils will be part of it. "More information about the Legendary Armory will be available closer to its release." https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/guild-wars-2-live-summer-2021/ I mean this is not end of dragons related... And you star
  7. Hello all, For a few months now I parked the characters that I completed to 100% in draconic moons at the final chest. Basically free loot by just pressing f instead of keeping them in random locations for nothing. The main issue is that the loot table for that JP not sure if the same for others or not is completely bugged. It seems that whenever the loot table is rolling for a Exotic item it almost always lands on the rune of radiance recipe. You realize that this is a major issue by the fact that the item has absolutely no worth. You can not even sell it o
  8. For this bonus week will the edge of the mist be affected as well? Also what is in your opinion the best way to farm in this bonus week?
  9. I liked the story. But why this short. I mean come on the prologue which was supposed to be a demo had a larger, longer story and even a larger map with more content. Promise broken and i am sure the next episode will be in 3 months or more so ty for hyping me but not delivering. I like the buff ideea. But why so short duration? It makes me feel rushed wherever i go on this map. I can not even take in the scenery. Make it at least a 30 min thing with faster recharge from skills. Why even a bug has to be such a chore? Remeber you were supposed to be a non grinding game and now we gring for 15 m
  10. Same i unlocked both masteries and i already unlocked all the 3 t1 for the color buff fix pls asap
  11. You did such an amazing job with this episode.I can honestly say it was the best one so far. The quality was amazing Starting from caithe animations in the first instance to the amazing soundtracks and to the perfect story.It was just wow and i hope that this is the change in quality you mentioned about during your road map discusion. Very good job and I am very happy to have played it. Again another big thank you!
  12. As the title points out. Was away(Aka doing only daily's and main story when it released) for a while and as such lost most of my friends from the game.Looking for more ppl to group up and do stuff over discord. PM me in game.Cristi of Kryta
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