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  1. Stop killing bad players. You're not supposed to kill them.
  2. This is a very good idea and I hope anet sees it. Can't say how often Upper Hand and Quick Pockets are used but I know I have not touched either of them for a long while.
  3. Until the ini regen levels of daredevil and specter are put on par with deadeye, this will keep happening.
  4. Don't worry, spear ranger going to be the real thief, except green.
  5. Autoattack: The damage is abysmal. 1.5k crit damage in melee and 1k ranged on 2300+ power and 200% crit damage. Bleed is so miniscule I didn't bother testing it. Melee should be hitting for AT MINIMUM 2-2.5x as much as it is doing and ranged should be 1.5-2x with that high of power. 2.25 seconds of a single stack of bleed means nothing either and would not benefit even from pure condi. Bleed gets its damage from stacking high and sticking for long periods of time. Raising the duration to 3 second and either doubling it or doubling the stacks would be better. Also: Ranged attack should be a small projectile finisher. Chain 1 and 2: So far, there is little incentive to mix up your attacks and I feel the spear would be much more fun to use if it did. If you are going to go for a hybrid setup, damage must be even throughout the 6 skills and so far it looks like damage is loaded onto skill 2. But at least the numbers on it are good enough it'll benefit from either stat. I would recommend that skill 2's chain should be damaging conditions (with less strike damage) while skill 3's chain should be debilitating conditions (with more strike damage). Boosted effects should also be broader to accommodate mixing chains. For example: Mantis Sting's cripple get replaced with torment while Unsuspecting Strike should have cripple and vuln. Unsuspecting strike should also be a leap finisher. Entangling Asp should proc immobilize on targets with movement impairing conditions and torment, so either Lead Attack will proc it. Vampiric Slash should proc lifesteal on vulnerable foes but also proc the full lifesteal if the foe has 3+ conditions sans vuln. And that way, either lead attack can chain into the other follow up. Falling Spider's strike damage buff should be given to Shattering Assault. Next, the finishers should proc bonuses based on control AND condition status so they can be chained into from Follow Up attacks. For example: Falling Spider gains an extra stack of conditions if the target is controlled/defiant or suffering from 4+ conditions. 2 stacks if both. Shattering Assault should deal bonus strike damage to controlled foes while stealing extra boons from targets with 3+ conditions on them. Distracting Throw: Instead of its current mechanics, it should function as a Lead Attack baseline with an unconditional daze. Using it should make the next finisher provide the buff instead of having to use it after a finisher. Shadow Veil: It should function the same way as Distracting Throw, but provide an identical defensive buff as well. Swindler's Equilibrium: This needs to work with landspear.
  6. The way its designed seems like they're experimenting with mechanics. That, I feel, is both a good and bad thing to do. Things like the auto attack switching from melee to ranged depending on your target's distance is a feature that could work well to counter reflect. But then it becomes an issue when too many conditionals come into play and most of them do not interact with each other, restricting playstyle for the sake of optimization. As of now, looking at the skills you posted there is little incentive to do anything other than spam a single button to get the maximum effect, or very specific chains for max damage. I also see a major problem with them loading damage onto finishers, at least in pvp/wvw. At minimum, it should be even throughout or slightly more loaded onto the Lead Attack so the chain can have some impact without requiring landing multiple hits on a dodging/moving target. It would also help if Follow Up and Finisher attacks got a bonus if the other prior attack was used rather than rely on applied conditions. Just my two cents.
  7. tbf thief has gotten more goodies than it ever has since he came into the picture. I wouldn't say he hates thief, but he definitely only plays it enough to have a clue on the direction changes should take.
  8. Another thing, how much initiative will these combos cost? It wouldn't be super if we burned through most of our initiative for 1 combo.
  9. Or it could just be a measly 1/4s evade prior to the shadowstep. It won't have much impact on combat since 1/4s is practically nothing but it'd still give shadowsteps protection from interruption mid cast and encourage timing to use.
  10. If it doesn't, its a bug.
  11. Dazzling Grace seems interesting. Would the daze happen at the start or end of the dodge?
  12. >also another bleed/poison weapon Already my opinion of this weapon is low.
  13. Yes and torch is boring on every profession that uses it except for necro.
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