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  1. Up until a few years ago, thief was a regular target of nerfs due to anet's balancing decisions being based off the cries of people who regularly die to them. This happened up to the point thief mains dropped it for heavy professions and then thief was kind of left where it was up until EoD. Thief had some of its range taken away, a lot of its damage taken away, active defenses nerfed, etc. There also was a mentality that thief was and should always remain a +1/decap bot which kept it there for a long time. That said, in spite of its high skill floor there are things you can do to surviv
  2. I think that's just the mentality the playerbase outside thief has on the class. They were fine with useless decap bot, but they still want free kills to this day.
  3. Could you elaborate? Do you mean like a physical meld with a player and your skills buff them or something? Because if that's the case it wouldn't all be very useful. For one, unless your skills buff and deal damage to a target you've essentially removed a player from the group. Secondly, I could see this be used to irritate people. Scepter ally attack is already annoying enough and some could see possession as an invasion of personal space or something.
  4. In general, its best to take advantage of what each elite spec has in a build when doing general PvE. Elsewhere really depends on what's needed. Daredevil is great for evasion and mobility, synergizing well with d/d conditions. DE has a range advantage with rifle and is great at self buffing through Silent Scope and M7, so long as you keep scoring kills, and has extra access to stealth. Specter is a support spec and can provide excellent group healing if specced right. That said, I would also listen to the other thieves in the thread.
  5. I only ever use scepter on condi. It sucks for practically everything else sept maybe covering the tank.
  6. In wvw, I use dash with speed runes and shortbow for some seriously good map travel. And then everything else depends on what I plan on doing at the time.
  7. iirc they wanted us to use it in conjunction with shadow savior since it was supposed to be part of the few support traits thief had but never saw any use because of the professions terrible support options.
  8. Barrier is not affected by outgoing healing %. However, Consume Shadows bypasses this by applying a heal first and then converting to barrier over 100% health. So it ends up indirectly producing more barrier.
  9. AFAIK steal traits don't work on allied siphon, only enemies.
  10. To make this easier, I tell in map and say to watch for side slam attacks and move towards the fists. Because thats when the debris appears.
  11. The only things I think needs to happen to specter is Slightly reduce the CDs and cast times on shroud skills. While they do plenty of damage, unless you're geared for it, Shroud is mostly there for Consume Shadows and single target support. Its pretty slow without alacrity and the amount of alacrity the wells apply requires at least some div stats for it to last long enough to see some use. Maybe that was the reason it was designed as such, but then its really better to have someone else be the alacbot at that point. You could put a reduced shroud skill CD effect on Amplified Siphoning
  12. Honestly idk if power specter is good unless you were going for a power tank. Shroud skills hit hard but the CDs make it slow. It would be really good for power otherwise.
  13. I'll have to look at it. Never needed IP with specter since it is a damage sponge.
  14. What are you looking at with Invigorating Precision? Shroud HP is different from base HP. Invigorating Precision should still work in shroud, but it won't grant force.
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