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  1. I didn't know you could have two of the same! I've never seen that, do they both show up?
  2. Like the title says, I have only completed one task in the Weekly list, but the number by the star in the menu says "2". We had this bug a month or so ago, but it was fixed then. I guess it's back.
  3. Just adding my own test result to the choir: T2 in Kaineng still not registering after the patch.
  4. I haven't stepped into Amnytas today before just now, and the Greater Arcane Chest on the map shows as already opened, so I can't open it. Had the same issue on Inner Nayos yesterday on another character, all the Greater chests could not be interacted with and showed as already opened there too. Still the same there today too, they are already opened.
  5. @Rubi Bayer.8493 It might be stated in the latest patch, but the tooltip for the daily chest still says 30 AA.
  6. The vanishing starter kit" needs its own thread, if there isn't one already or devs might not see it.
  7. 83% is a bit steep, can see this one being extremely popular until they fix it 🙂
  8. Like the title says, if you preview the Gyrocopter in the new BL Chest, the game crashes to desktop.
  9. Also, just adding that a buddy of mine who I play with from time to time can't see my mount skins in various maps. In Sparkfly Fen they show up as default mount skins for him for example, but not in other maps.
  10. Yeah all AA chests give a network error now when you try to claim them when you don't have room for more AA, which is kind of an odd message. It used to say that you had to spend AA to claim them, like Larin said above, so something has gone haywire there tbh.
  11. Just wanted to say I have the same issue. For me, it's happening about 50% of the time doing the meta (final fight part) in Skywatch Archipelago and maybe 30% of the time during the Tequatl fight in Sparkfly Fen.
  12. Just got kicked out of the server, was hanging around in Gendarran posting some items to the TP and boom, login server error message and I was back at the client login. Logging in again gets me to the character select screen but none of my toons work, get the same error message and back to the client login.
  13. Yep, I had this for about 6 months straight around 2022. Took between 1-25 restarts of the client to get the information to be filled-in again (for that session). It was extremely annoying, but like Healix above said it cleared up (for me) in April 2023. Nowadays it only happens about one a month for me as well. When it happens I just closed the client, wait 5 minutes, and launch it again, and it is usually fixed.
  14. Yes, the tool-tip when hovering over the final chest used to show the amount of AA you would receive + the contents of the chest (1 gold, 2 transmutations, 10 whatever etc.) but like GODh said above, it now just says "Consumable", and that's it.
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