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  1. Imagine hiding in smc with an AC and tagging a small zerg but suddenly you get kicked out of the castle after a skirmish ends
  2. Is there a way to see if your party member got stunned? For example, in range spikes some people get caught and they need stun breaks. I wonder if there's an easy and accurate method to identify their situation quickly.
  3. It's weird because when I use mortar kit 3 and infusion bomb I do get frost aura after the 1 second fuse time. However, I still don't see the heart icon like other skills with a blast finisher. So I guess it does proc but just the UI is bugged.
  4. How to proc infusion bomb's blast finisher? I can use e.g. purge gyro + acid bomb and I'll get an "area cleanse condition" heart icon. However, I can't seem to make it proc using infusion bomb. Any idea on how this skill actually works?
  5. https://imgur.com/xK87csu My character disappears when dodging through WVW portals. Both dx9 and dx11 have this problem.
  6. We've tested guardian, mesmer, and necro last week. Is there any news on what would be the next 3 to test? I only know the dates (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Beta) for the events but I can't find any info about what's next.
  7. I think heal elixir, might elixir, and quickness elixir are fine. I would suggest to change the rest to stability and aegis elixirs. Also make them share with 10 people instead of 5 people.
  8. Deathly Haste, the second trait in grand master trait for Harbinger, does not pump quickness to the minions. However, elixir utility skills do grant boons to the minions with Twisted Medicine trait. Not sure if not giving quickness to the minions is intended.
  9. So strong that Drakkar refused to show up. Basically what happened was, Drakkar already showed up in the first room before the pre-event ended. After we entered the 2nd room and went through burn phase, Jhavi called her shield but Drakkar didn't show up. And the event stuck.
  10. Is there a way to keybind both equipment and build template swaps to a same key? Everytime I swap to a build I have to change it twice and it's just not convenient. And by the way, it costs 500+300 gems (new equipment and build templates) for a new build but a new char costs 800 gems and gives you 2 build slots. So I was wondering is there a reason to not create a new char if you need more build slots?
  11. In case you want to see their dye channels, here you go.
  12. Thanks it worked. Reviving people during Tequatl did the trick hehe
  13. Can you give me an example to reproduce? I mean an example to change this skill's recharge time to something other than 25 seconds. For me it's always 25 secs.
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