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  1. Here's the post, and here is the image posted where there could be a similarity between an artwork and something in Kuunavang's eye. However, if you rewatch the trailer yourself at about 0:41 (highest resolution, slow speed) you might notice that whatever Kuunavang is looking at seems to move real fast, kind of... fluttering... so I'm not sure what we are looking at, but it seems to be there on purpose. If Kuunavang is really talking to that lady (bigger picture), who might be levitating over the Jade Sea and in fact be in the same location as Kuunavang in the trailer, than th
  2. Kurzick architecture follows the rules of Gothic architecture. Pointed or ovigal arch, stained glass etc. The "Strange familiarity" artwork has only a few of such elements, on a closer look there are maybe one or two windows, but the architecture itself is very different in my opinion. It's also glowing in the typical auric color, which no other Kurzick building has. Besides, most Kurzick buildings are interwoven with trees, even the other EoD artworks always follow this rule: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/9/97/Echovald_Forest_concept_art_02.jpg https://wiki.guildwars2.co
  3. So there is another artwork of Echovald Forest called "Strange familiarity" on the Wiki's EoD page, but I haven't found any comments on it yet. It looks like an Auric city in the Echovald Forest, the colors are similar to the other cities of the Exalted. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/2/22/Echovald_Forest_concept_art_01.jpg Now the architecture might be different from Tarir, but then Keisho also had a different art: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/9/9c/Tarir%2C_The_Forgotten_City.jpg https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/1/1b/Kesho.jpg So is it possi
  4. What if the DSD is not even solid most of the time, but fluid and often invisible. Imagine the waters slowly becoming darker, an eldritch horror that materializes and disappears as he likes.
  5. Just a thought, might be just another crack head theory: Let's assume the spheres in The All are not the Elder Dragons. The spheres, seen in The All assemble only the aspects of magic that exist in Tyria (and might be necessary to 'balance' the magic in Tyria). The Elder Dragons are just vessels for the aspects of magic. If an ED dies, the magic is 'free' - living beeings, even other EDs can get corrupted from this unbound magic. Elder Dragons that 'eat' magic that is not of their own sphere might release such 'bastardized' magic back into the system, which results in s
  6. I just hope they won't turn them into the water dragon and come out with "The deep sea dragon WAS Primordus and Jormag all the time!" Thinking about best case / worst case scenarios for the final... is it possible that the "new character" in the End of Dragons-trailer is a "reunited" dragon? Is the "mother" maybe an entity that split into six elder dragons? And does the upper dragon from the EoD-trailer share any similarities with Primordus and Jormag?
  7. From my understanding, not having new maps for a while was already mentioned in an interview in September 2019. (Source is from the translation of a german interview): https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/d1web4/full_english_translation_for_the_german_interview/?utm_medium=usertext&utm_source=reddit&utm_name=Guildwars2&utm_content=t3_j3pz5e The big map and things that haven't done before is probably Drizzlewood Coast with it's WvW-like style. However, until the Champions-trailer I thought existing, older maps were going to be expanded, and maybe that would have explained t
  8. Just a thought - what if the torment is somehow related to gods and the human race? For Aeons, the Dragons have awoken, consumed magic and fallen back to slumber. The last known Dragonrise before the actual one was 13,000 years ago. However, during the last hibernation and about 2,000 years ago six human gods appear in Cantha and bring their own domains of magic and humans with them. Some of the magic might be sealed in Bloodstones and this seems to be complex circumstances, but what if said magic caused the torment, just like a virus that was new to the world of Tyria. Aurene on the other han
  9. That's possible, but wouldn't that mean that future dragons of Aurene's kind would have to undergo similar care, education and mentoring? Or would Jormag choose their own way of establishing such bond with mortals? I mean they were already choosing a champion with a free will. I don't think Bangar loves anyone besides himself. Also, the line about the children doesn't even make sense when whispered to a traditional Charr like Bangar, who have the least natural bonds to relatives between the races, and has already lost his cub Ajax in a stupid conflict. We know of no other children right now (
  10. Kralkatorrik mentioned Aurene as "the first of her kind", so there will be basically more. It's not impossible if Jormag has Scions that can replace both themself and Primordus that Jormag is willing to end their own cycle and step back for the new generation, the "new kind" of elder dragons. However, if Primordus is the big threat to Jormag (and Tyria), they are aware of possibly dying in a fight against him. I wouldn't be surprised if Jormag has a frost and a fire themed scion, maybe with slightly shifted domains. The sentence "You fear the day your children no longer feel the chill of the
  11. Yes, the speech itself was directed at Bangar (it was mentioned in a Dev talk or something else) - however, the thoughts were Jormags'. It is Jormag's point of view of the world as it is now, Jormag's fear, and it tries to manipulate others with it. Basically a kind of propaganda where others tell you what your biggest problem is.
  12. "Long ago, Primordus struck Jormag in battle and littered the Drizzlewood Coast in shards." I'm curious why Primordus attacked Jormag and what they fought for. Everything we know is that both Dragons survived.However, Jormag has started to talk to us and seeks cooperation with mortals - Primordus just stands for total destruction. But what did Jormag say? "You do not fear death. You fear something far worse. You fear outliving the ones you swore to protect." It's strange that an elder dragon develops empathy towards such tiny races... or is Jormag talking about it's own fears? "You fear the da
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