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  1. How about this: Warrior gets 3 Weapon Slots. 1 for Mainhand, 1 for Offhand, 1 for Pistol. Since he doesnt have 3 arms the pistol skin is overridden by the Gauntlet Skin. And Weapon Skills 3, 4 and 5 get additional pistol effects, for example 3 could shoot an additional bullet, 4 could be an additional stun and 5 could be a fireshot or something like that.
  2. Since i guess they wont apply this to the new End of Dragons Warrior Spezialization, heres a Suggestion for the Addon after that. Warrior Elite Specc: WEAPON EXPERT Gains Access to Deception Skills. - First Minor Trait: You lose the Weaponswap. All Weaponskills deal 20% more direct- and condition-Damage, you gain 20% attackspeed and 20% cooldown on weapon skills. This stacks with other traits that improve Weaponskills. F1 counts as Weaponswap. You gain an extra F2 bar with 1 Bars, that fills after the 3 F1 Bars are full. - First 3 Traits to chose from:
  3. All classes should be changed in EoD, that they can take 3 Core Traitlines + 1 Elite Traitlines or 4 Core Traitlines if they dont play an Elite Specc. That would be kind of a power creep, but without the need to improve stats on items and it would also make the classes more versatile and youd have more build diversity.
  4. People who hate on this topic and try to make fun of it obvisouly dont understand that fractal meta. The haters who have never played it and never will, just to "prove a point", will of course never understand it. And while they think that their comments like "why dont you play with 5 supporters!" are clever or smart, theyre in fact just plain dumb and show only that these people have no idea what theyre talking about.
  5. You have to take Discipline cause of the bonus Adrenaline on Hit trait. Without it you cant use F1 on cooldown. Spamming Axe F1 as Berserker isnt possible without Discipline. And even if you dont play with Banners, the Banner trait is also very good cause you get the bonus even if you dont have banners equipped. If they want more versatility, they should give every traitline 1-2 traits that improve weapons and put the bonus adrenaline on hit trait into the weapon trait. Weapon Traits would look like: Greatsword: +120 Power, 20% less Cooldown, Adrenaline o
  6. Well you all obviously never played this. You can stand at the Bosses and do DPS all day long and ignore all mechanics. You just Block/Shield/Stabi/Reflect everything. You dont have to care about Fluxbombs or area damage or anything at all.
  7. 1x Chronosupport 1x Healscourge 2x Dragonhunter 1x Bannerslave A Chrono for all the nice Boons who pulls stuff together and can reflect: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiABw6x3lVwOYNMH2JeyT1tXA-zxIY1onvMaJFSvCUbaGx4G-e A Healnecro who buffs the Group, Heals and spreads conditions all day long http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwAYt/lNwCZgMN2Im6X+vKA-zxIY1omvMSPFCpCUbaKw4G-e DPS class with high Burst for Short Fights http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAEt3lVwQYOsJWJO0L+tcA-zxQYhomZDuMqNFqoCsdaowMA-e BS for Banners, Empower All
  8. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiABw6x3lVwOYNMH2JeyT1tXA-zxIY1onvMaJFSvCUbaGx4G-e Chaos Traitline for Beginners. You get extra Boon Duration while you have regeneration and you get stability when shattering. Inspiration Traitline for Groupsupport. Very good at some Bosses where you can reflect stuff with focus or pull. And Chrono cause Chrono. That build is a group support build with focus on buffing and helping people stay alive.
  9. Problem with Power Warrior in PVE: Not enough Critchance. You need all the Bonus Critchance you can get from Fury, Spotter, Banners, Food etc. to reach 100% Critchance. While other Power classes can easily reach 100% Critchance, for Warrior its extremely hard. And you absolutley have to take the Discpline Traitline because of the improved Banners trait to gain 50 more Precision from Banners and to have enough Adrenaline for your F1 on Cooldown. And you also need the Strength Traitline because of the high DPS Bonusses there. So almost every Powerwarrior in PVE looks like
  10. 6x Rune of the Elementalist: +175 Power +225 Condition Damage 10% Condition Duration 6x Rune of the Nightmare: +175 Condition Damage 10% Fear Duration 20% Condition Duration If you play Condition the powerbonus is almost useless because you dont have 100% critchance and no ferocity. And thats what makes power DPS strong. Only high power without enough critchance and ferocity does very little DPS. The 50 less Condition Damage is only a very small DPS loss, BUT 10% less Condition Duration is a HUGE DPS loss. For your main Conditions
  11. At the moment we have 2 Stat "Versions" and Celestial. The first since Core GW2 is one Main Stat and two Off stats. Mainstat, Offstat, Offstat Or in Numbers (Greatsword): 251 Power, 179 Precision, 179 Ferocity (609 Stat Points) Then with Addons we got Two Main Stats and two Off Stats, but with Main Stat not as high as the three stats only Gear. Mainstat, Mainstat, Offstat, Offstat Or in Numbers (Greatsword): 215 Power, 215 Precision, 118 Vitality, 118 Ferocity (666 Stat Points) Hail Satan! +59 Stat Points compared to 3 stat gear
  12. Celestial is good for Tanks and for Support classes, for example a Firebrand or a Necro. They can tank and heal at the same time and deal more DPS than with pure Tank/Heal Gear. I switched my quickness ChronoTank and my Healnecro to full celestial gear and it works really well. Chrono: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiABw6x3lVwOYNMH2JeyT1tXA-zxIY1onvMaJFSvCUbaIx4G-e Necro: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwAYt/lNwCZgMN2Im6X+vKA-zxIY1omvMSPFCpCUbaKw4G-e Celestial Necro is quite good at tanking, too.
  13. Warrior: Juggernaut Loses Weaponswap but can wield 2 handed Weapons of the same type in one Hand. Weapon Skills are improved. F1 counts as Weaponswap and is improved. Can choose between these Traits as first Traits: Double Greatsword: Can wield 2x Greatswords, +20% Damage, +20% Attackspeed, 20% Cooldown Reduction on Greatsword Skills. Double Hammer: Can wield 2x Hammer, +20% Damage, +20% Attackspeed, 20% Cooldown reduction on Hammer Skills Double Rifle: Can wield 2x Rifle, +20% Damage, +20% Attackspeed, 20% Cooldown on Rifle Skills. Improved Greatsword Skills: 1. Autoat
  14. Yerah, Mesmer Pistol Mainhand of course. And with Simulacrum you would have only 1 Simulacrum. So theres the Mesmer, the Simulacrum and Phantasms and no clones at all. First Clone: Becomers the Simulacrum Next Clone: Spawns as Phantasm, then doesnt become a clone, but improves the Simulacrum. So instead of Mesmer + 3 lookalike Clones you'd only have to fight the Mesmer and the lookalike Simulacrum.
  15. Warrior-Samurai: Loses Weaponswap. F1 Cooldown is reduced to 5 Seconds. Every different attack within 5 seconds creates a combo-point. F1 consumes all Combo-Points and increases damage of the F1 skill by 10% for each consumed Combopoint. No New Weapons, but instead gains enhanced Weapon Specialization as first Trait: 10% Damagebonus, 10% Attackspeedbonus, 10% cooldown reduction with all Weapons. Samurai-Shouts are improved and create combopoints. Guardian-Blackguard: Virtues now become sinful spirits that can be summoned to haunt the enemy. New Weapon: Mainhand-Shield
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