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  1. Yes, lets just call raid sellers legit and that makes the problem go away. I am sure that the people soaking up millions of gold year after year are totally just stockpiling it and using it for benevolent purposes. Professional gold resellers in GW2 do not bot, botting in GW2 is small time. You really think running some accounts to drum up a few thousand mithril a day is perpetuating the RMTers? It takes hundreds of accounts to meet the same level of gold you get from carrying a few raids a night. RMT is exclusively centered around raids, and that is by Anet's specific design. Nothing else in
  2. Anet completely missed the mark here for me. It is more hammering square pegs into round holes and not addressing any of the issues. An adjustment to the reward currency mechanics and challenge motes, big deal. This would have been an OK mid patch update to strikes like 2 years ago. I want difficulty options for 10 player content because I like difficult content. I want difficulty modes because I also really love doing easy content between difficult content sessions. We can't have difficult content because Anet "expects" everyone to want difficult content (surface level, the reality is they
  3. FFXIV can ban paid carries because they offer difficulty options, and there's a way for all levels of ability to experience the content. GW2 has no difficulty options for content and the base content difficulty is tuned way beyond what most of the players are capable of. This is a trivial to solve issue, have difficulty options. It is something they could pass to an intern as a morning project. There's a specific reason that we have both legal paid carries and exceptionally difficult raids. It isn't to oppress the disabled and differently minded, it isn't to appease elitist snobs. That is the
  4. Official DPS meter would be a disaster. How else are people going to distribute their keyloggers if no one downloads their "DPS meter" that for no apparent reason requires a Windows 95 networking redistributable?
  5. I enjoy the process of scroll and tome boosting chars to 80, there is actually quite a few fun loots to collect. The only issue is that there's like 40 items the chest spam gives that have to be deleted. The improvement I would like to see is make all the items in the level up reward chests that can't be salvaged or vendored able to be salved or vendored. Is it really going to break the economy if the useless delete equipments could be quickly vendored for 1 copper each? These chest give valuable boosters that cost many gold to buy, 1c vendor price on the random trash items would not have a ne
  6. Add a new skill line to each mastery section that consumes all the extra points available for minor account bonuses like karma, gold, xp, and magic find. Would be nice to have a minor reward for full mastery completion and have something to do with our extra points. Make it unlock after all the current lines are completed so people don't accidentally spend important points on a very minor track.
  7. Items change in value constantly for all kinds of reasons. New content comes which increases availability and reduces demand on items that drop in that area. The money meta evolves over time. Stat sets grow and shrink in popularity. New recipes come out that use items in new ways. Hype drops off on older recipes. New sinks come out to shake up stagnant markets. Drop rates get adjusted for any number of reasons. When you list an item you are gambling that listing fee that you can sell the item before the price of the item changes. That is the intent of the system. As far as buyer's remorse, th
  8. Been having really bad issues with input delay in larger fights, noticed consistently in LWS4 metas, ley anomaly, and squad vs squad wvw fights since the Jan 19 patch. On continental US with good ping to servers and reasonably stable internet over Cat6. Don't think it is an issue on my end, running Ryzen 7 1700, 16gb DDR4-2666, RX 580 8gb, stock Windows 10 20H2, current WHQL drivers, 512gb NVMe SSD with plenty of space and health, standard power profiles and clock speeds on CPU/GPU/RAM/VRAM, overkill cooling on everything. Game typically runs flawlessly and I don't get those unplayable perfor
  9. Revamp and rebalance instanced pve content and put it all in one place. Would be nice to have a unified portal object for all 5 man content and another unified portal object for all 10 man content. 5 man portal and 10 man portal should have a nice menu and each content type have it's own tab like what fractal scales have. Then put both portals everywhere that the scatterbrained portals we have now are. And rebalance all of it with 4 difficulty modes and modifiers on all the higher difficulties for all content. There's so much content just rotting away because nothing is done with it and it is
  10. This has rather little bearing on an existing game that's basically in maintenance mode as far as the engine itself is concerned. The age of the game and the limited ArenaNet development resources are why it has to go this way, not why it shouldn't go this way. With a broader and more realistic perspective, this is obvious and unavoidable. It's nice to live in a world where you can say "just do X thing and it's fine". The problems start when the people who actually have to do X thing live in reality, and the people who proposed X thing can't see the spectrum of problems that make X thing compl
  11. … in the App Store. Most users aren't married to the App Store. The tussle over Fortnite was about App Store billing structure, which is the same reason you can't buy Fortnite on Steam. (And the reason "how do we put Guild Wars 2 on Steam?" has been a months-long process for Anet even though just uploading a game to Steam takes like a single afternoon.) You can install any software you want directly, or through a storefront like Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, &c. without giving Apple a single cent of your money. The only obstacle is a single clicky box saying "hey, did you download this ins
  12. Could you rephrase that? I have no idea what you are trying to say.
  13. Apple doesn't appreciate software with 3rd party billing services. Apple doesn't appreciate software being available on their platforms that wasn't entirely made in Apple's extremely expensive development tools. Apple's new chips are good enough to justify clamping down on old x86-64 software. Apple plainly doesn't want you to be able to deal with ArenaNet, and they are seizing the opportunity to lock you out now that they have the "our ARM chips are good enough for general compute now" excuse. If you aren't happy with software unavailability on your Mac, sell it. You can buy an equivalently s
  14. Basically, it's not a consequence of how raids are designed. It's caused by how the game is designed. This was for the most part unintentional, btw. The old gw1 freestyle skill system worked relatively well, so they went with it again when they started working on the continuation. Unfortunately, adding to it a new trait system, boons, food bonuses, and (as one of the relatively late decision changes) stat bonuses to gear unbalanced that to a massive degree. What might have worked okay when operating separately turned out to be borderline ridiculous when it got stacked on top of each other, wit
  15. I would give anything to play the raid content. It has been bothering me for 5 years every single day. Raids are exactly what I want out of GW2, and I was so excited for them to come. I just never expected them to release them at a baseline difficulty that required the degree of precision and build specificity that they do. There is definitely grounds to have a trinity style or very hardcore raid difficulty for the people who like that, but that's not what GW2 puts forward primarily. It's just such a missed opportunity. People don't play raids because they are brutally difficult, even if you t
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