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  1. I play every game mode of gw2 but PvP is the one a like the less, I'm close to hate it. This game mode got so much issue, people being AFK or simply not connecting to the game, the fact that you must play top tier build to not get destroyed, most of the time your allies are just bad, and most of the time game are not close and end up 500 to 100. I want to says that i got some bad PvP experiences but i'm at 150 game and it's always the same !
  2. Can Anet do something about it because it is not rare anymore, it even become comon, really WvW got enought problem to have this also...
  3. As Ranik, we have faced gandara for 10 week and now we are link *** joke !
  4. Can we please get something, because has a FR/RoF player we get messed up with this relink and this one is going for 10 week it's really frustrating,don't know what to say WvW is unplayable due to lack of people and also other server were reaaly fair play and didn't go at 2 versus us, it the very unfun relink i ever have and you say it will last 10 week really...
  5. Here's the first thing you're wrong about. They moved off WSR due to alot of their guildies being stuck on a link and WSR had no link. They moved to FR due to it being one of the emptier servers, and AG had the PPT to sustain a decent tier. Now they're back because they were gone for 2 months, and the intention was always to go back to WSR. See it as sort of a vacation. Why not transfer back before? Because we had Miller's Sound matchup and organized fights with them throughout the weekend. It was quality fights. Aswell as the fact that people like you would be complaining even if they did m
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