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  1. I was attempting to purchase an aurillium infusion the other day and looked to see what the stat change recipe was to decide if it would be cheaper to just buy a different stat and change it myself. While attempting to place a bid, I accidentally purchased the infusion that was more than the stat that I wanted (the bid price was less.) It was my mistake, sure, but that is a high price to pay for fat fingers. A confirmation screen would have saved me the difference, plus the extra cost of stat changing. This is especially infuriating because every time I get a repair kit I have to write out the
  2. I learn by doing. So unless I fumble through it a bit I wont fully get it. I don't even need a tutorial. Just open up the levels without enemies so I can figure things out and I'll be fine. I think it would be a game-changer not only for new players entering this game mode, but also for veteran players who would have a larger pool of knowledgeable players to work with.
  3. So, I decided to get into fractals. Everything seemed fine until I had no idea what was happening. There was a mechanic I had never seen before that was suddenly introduced and I ended up holding my team up for a solid five minutes while i learned how to scale a wall with this new power I had no idea existed. This created an anxiety within me that makes me not want to try this mode again. I'm sure it wasn't fun for my teammates either. I'm sure my experience wasn't rare, and that many who want nothing to do with fractals had a similar experience. The solution is to open up the maps to practice
  4. Relatively new to the game, and have just started to dabble with endgame content. My favorite, by far, is WVW. I don't really know what I'm doing, but it's fun wondering around picking off the occasional dolyak or guard--and very occasionally another player. What I'm doing seems to be helping, but like I said, I'm new to this mode and for all I know I could be creating problems for my team that I'm not aware of. Is the lone wolf type of play style viable in this mode? (I suck at typing and playing at the same time, and when skirmishes get to big I'm like a cat staring at a disco ball.) If pl
  5. I would love to see a bundle of Expedition/Hunters contracts! As a returning player that had taken a long time off, these home instance upgrades are awesome, but I cant get them. It seems like it will take forever for them to all eventually see the Black Lion store again.
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