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  1. " We are listening" 🤡 Sad to see that Anet does not learn in 10 years how it is done. It other games such kitten get Hotfixed. Here it needed Months to get fixed. And now they push out a dogshit patch tomorrow...oh gosh.
  2. It tells that alot of peoples do not know any mechanics ,including yourself. That you don't know a fart about the thief either, you can see after that. If it would not be compensated, the thief would have to burn a lot of ini and dogdes in the defense and would have hardly any offensive possibilities. This would make the thief simply unplayable (AS D/P!!). Deadeye would be literally dead aka unplayable LOL. So because you personaly hate the Thief, anet has to delete 1 Espec and 1 Build. Gz great Balance dude. The thief player bought this game too not only you. I mean how man
  3. And you play condi mesmer. Really fun to play against. Really.
  4. I deinstalled the game yesterday. So Bye bye 😄 It is dead anyway. Condis everywhere and for sole roamers like me there is no Content anymore.
  5. Millersound but i will leave that server soon. Or i will leave this game instead because WvWvW is a joke. Makes no fun anymore. 😐
  6. Pls Anet can we make a special Matchup where these two toxic Ganker servers can fight every week each other till the end when the alliance system starts? Also that none of them can transfer out? 😎
  7. Dude DMG was nerfed across the board in FEB Patch. And now the whole game is infested with low brain condi shitass which is boring as kittening hell. Whole groups who vomit their condis and insta kill and are tanky as kitten at the same time. What is that meant to be? Condi Wars 2 who can fart the condis faster & more?
  8. It starts to becoming a kittening bad experience. Everyhwere unkillable Condi Tanks or immortal Condi Rangers or thiefs with their spamming condi etc. Celestial infested or ministrel Immortals . It really starts to become boring as hell.
  9. I wish all happy eastern. The weather here in my Country is pretty good. I wish @Anet sweet Holidays. Take your time and enjoy it. Happy Easter!
  10. Also stupid is this here. Cele harbinger Nice Balance yeah.
  11. Yeah i only play MMO's since Ultima Online so i do not know anything. 😄 But certainly also for this reason. Every new MMO has simply been a copy in a new guise. Does not everyone want to always play the same crap and start from scratch. Gw 2 Battlesystem is a fresh air in this case.
  12. The easiest Class....sure. 🤣 Go play one and tell us how easy it is. Make a video pls. Ps: Sind said that because many other Traitlines are bad as hell , like Acro with 300 CD Traits no one will ever use.
  13. Now then you never met a troll Mesmer then.
  14. Slow reflexes on thief c'mon that is the first time in 10 years that i read that. This class is the class where the player should have big reflexes and timing. Really absurd what you wrote here. Yeah and thats why Thief is one of the classes with a higher skillcap and all other classes don't have brainded 0815 rotations?
  15. The only problematic stealth abuser is DE. That spec needs a nerf because it is even more annyoing than D/P. And there is not alot counterplay viable against them. Why this spec got a elite who can make away reveal is beyond stupid. Maybe thats why every SA Member switch to this cheese kitten because it is a joke.
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