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  1. Its not a matter of selling out. Anet provides x number of codes to retailers and i think this time they greatly underestimated the interest and so many retailers got sold out perhaps. I mean no body believes less in this game than anet sadly.
  2. Yes. 5 of my friends were prepared to buy pof on sale but now dont think they might join me. The base price is indeed of great value but with the sales, i could have brought a lot more people into this game. For this entire year, none of the sales were applicable to my region. No idea why its like this because most other mmos have sales that can be utilised internationally.
  3. I have been out of luck for a year almost lol. Even the previous prime gaming deals and all the other stuff werent available. Im also curious why dlgamer also isnt associated with this sale.
  4. Lol i mean if you ever played gw2 for immersion, you are playing the wrong game. Perhaps ESO will be more your alley.
  5. I honestly loved the mount. Only doubt i have is if we can use the cannons if there is no second player mounted up. So if we just want to ride solo, will we have any ability to attack mobs?
  6. Hi, I play from India and i was wondering if anyone knows if the black friday sale for the expansion will be available on the official website as well?
  7. So today i got the dreaded connection issue...retrying error when i tried to log into the game in the morning. Tried repair, flush dns, reset dns through cmd, editing host file with recent ip and most other troubleshooting tips but to no avail. Being the smart kitten i am, i thought reinstalling the game might help and now i cant even start the installation because the same error comes. Does anyone here have the gw2.exe file from the latest patch server? Or perhaps a different solution i can try?
  8. A> @Keitaro.9061 said: An alternate could be what they did with heroic scrolls and how you can finish skill points in maps using it. Perhaps they can also make a currency to finish heart with it. The frequency of droprate must be the same as the heroic scrolls though as you can enough of them easily. This will also bring more players to wvw which is always a plus.
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