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  1. I'm loving all your answers. I did not expect many, I'm glad I was wrong 🙂 I really like all the reasons you're giving and I'm finding all the answers both interesting and elaborate. Thanks for participating in my research for information on this topic. I feel happy about the outcomes! 🥰
  2. To be honest, it's the one I've been using since I started playing years ago. I like the others but for me MB is something that even if it's not perfect, I think it is really stable. I remember I used to get my builds from three old sources besides MB. They don't exist anymore, but they were the best websites for some people. But eventually people there got tired or had things to do and they couldn't keep the website as before. These days I rely more on MB because sometimes I have been a lot of time without playing, and I find it good when I have to update my builds or stuff becaus
  3. It would be like a joke website for builds, or trolling builds, something like that is what I learned from the term. (or builds that are not exactly what should be expected to be "serious builds").
  4. Hello! I just wanted to point out that I find a lot of people thinking MB is a meme website for builds. But I'd like if someone could enlighten me, I mean, I've been wandering through different websites including MB. I find every website usually has something useful to tell. I don't understand why MB has so much hate in general or to a lot of people looks like a meme website. Probably it has some issues, but I think no website is perfect at all. I find everyone tries its best to make a good point to inform people. What I don't understand it's the focused thing about MB.
  5. Unfortunately, that's the bad part on Linux. You can feel proud about all the things you could do. I'm glad you loved Pop OS. Don't feel sad because sometimes you have to retreat in order to fight back, we will support you while you're recovering. The really good and huge thing, Linux used to be really abandoned in terms of gaming long time ago. Right now, the improvements are getting bigger and better. I think it won't be a long time till you can come back. The Linux gaming community is stronger than ever, soon or later we will have if not full, some freedo
  6. Maybe we'll finally have some luck trying to make taco work properly on Linux without workarounds. It seems now is open-source: http://www.gw2taco.com/2021/04/gw2-taco-is-going-open-source.html?m=1 I just hope some good programmer has the good faith to create an option for us. I'd really like to do something but my programming knowledge is pretty limited. 😅
  7. In fact Ubuntu made it really easy. There's an option when you're doing a fresh install, I think called (install additional components from third parties (2 options while installing if I remember correctly, the one below download updates while installing)). Once it's installed you shouldn't do anything more than get Lutris, install the first gw2 option change to tweaked wine 5.7.11 from Lutris and play. (the other steps should be optional, it used to be harder but know you only need that). If you are finding it hard, I recommend the same Vahn told you. Just a little thing, I used t
  8. Hi, it's the "data" folder. Merry Xmas :) Merry Xmas pal! And thanks for all your effort towards this package :blush:
  9. Which would be the WINEPREFIX in case I need to install something on winetricks for the package?
  10. Depositing materials from the inventory will now automatically move overflow items into any slots that are freed up.As a person with sometimes a great OCD about the inventory. I really appreciate your efforts on making this small change possible. Thank you Anet.
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