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  1. No. Pls, you also must admit that it is not someone else responsibility to look after you. Esspecially when i don't know you and/or not ask. I would not smacktalk you, but i would also not help you. At least not in a extensively way. And this is not because i'm an elitist, but because i play this game in MY freetime. Which i have not a lot of in the moment. So i don't want to spend this time, helping someone i don't even know. If i misunderstood youre post i'm sorry. But this was how i understood.
  2. The same goes for the forum. Before eod it was bad, but after eod this forum became so toxic it's sad ...
  3. Because it's ele. No one cares for this class, and this comes from an ele-main. Did you see the warrior-changes and the outcry after this? People want easy classes and don't care for ele or mesmer. So anet cares even less and will do everyhing to put their favorites in Front of erything uu... I mean look at this, the thread is 5h old now and has no to nothing response. Just the normal confused trolls, thats it. Compare this to others classes who where discussed here and say me people acutally care for ele ...
  4. I doub't this is true. Because what i read over and over again is that dev said the skipping bugged out the story. And even this is just... i hve more Bugs with the later Story whitout a skip-button than i had in the personal Story... And i know not one person who likes the new way they do the dialogues. It's either totaly annoying because i's in fight scenes where you need to concentrate on, well, the fighting. Or you have minute long walking Simulator with npc who walk slower then the freaking snail i saw outside today. And i know some people who are really, really deep in the story of
  5. This is dmg ppl CAN do in parties. That's what these numbers for, which people trhow around here in the forum. Most of these numbers come from people who perform these builds in raid, strikes and other group content where you normaly have most of these buffs all the time. But for most people. these are unrealistic numbers BUT the closer you get, the more dmg you make automatically outside of training. And this is the point of the golem and all these buffs. You train, so you do better in the real enviroment. Also, for the golem, https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Special_Forces_Traini
  6. You are still undergeared when you do only 1-3k dmg even whitout boons 🙂
  7. Just to clarify this, because i left before you answerd this to take a break from this discussion. I don't know if you misunderstood me, or just wanted to make a point for the sake of the point. I NEVER said, that people play the most efficiently, i said that people play teh Content who gives most rewards in exchange for what it is. I said Rewards MATTER. I said Rewards help content to drive. I said most People who play GW2 are Reward DRIVEN, not play the stuff who gives the most efficiently rewards. Yes, HOT is not the most rewarding content in the game. But it's easy an
  8. Yeah, because Reshade don't work with anything the game provide, as far as i know. It dosn't need an API or stuff to work. Reshade just puts filters over your screen. This is why Reshade is so versityle and can be aplied to almost every game out there. But yeah i agree, its not as self-explanatory as is thought. People are different, i sometimes forget about this.
  9. And a lot of people don't understand preference. I liked HOT a lot more over POF. For me POF was designed after "trew as much mobs as possible at the player and see how he handles this". While HOT had actually mechanics and logic which you really could work with. This in my eyes gave way more representation towards the GW2 combat system than POF ever did. In my eyes. ---- I mean. We have an Ingame-DPS meter which shows out- and input. It's just not really representive in terms of overall dmg. Anet could work on this and drop the golem-code in there somehow. This would not be per
  10. I personally am a big fan of this Game-graphics. Sure a few rocks and landscapes, especially on the old maps are a bit washed out. I also think it's personal reference and how you see stuff. I'm personally love to take screenshots in gw2, here are a few examples of the beautiful sites of this game https://ibb.co/Qp5h2y9 https://ibb.co/W2JxNWX https://ibb.co/4ZDCk2G https://ibb.co/CPS0ZBs My graphics are not on Ultra because my PC can't run gw2 with such high graphics. But even then. I don't know, you eventually find these pics i posted absolutly ugly . But for me, GW2 is beutif
  11. Well, probaly right. I play a lot other games and a lot of them modded and with reshade. I assumed that if you go out of your way and use arc-dps you normally know something like that. But there were already threads here about this topic ... therefore, I should probably not start from myself.
  12. Everyone know's that you just delete after a big patch and wait for the update. That's how mods work.
  13. Hasn't the train already left the city? The harder dungeons got rarley played before this update. But it's such a strange change ... i saw a thumbnail from muk which said dungeon-update and i thought. Oh, OH? Are they listening? Are they listening? And then i logged in and read the mail ... yeah ... wow ...
  14. https://gw2community.de/calendar/ So the gw2community does not exist in your'e universe?
  15. So its okay that raids get rewards only one time a week while pve can farm like crazy? K, thanks, seems fair ... not. Nice "strawmen" there. This is not the only discussion about this. I just bring my opinion in. When you don't like that or don't understand my english, you don't need to answer me. So simple, so easy :). And NO im not saying you shoul farm raids. I know this would kitten of you only-pve-people a lot. But i just don't see what tze dmg would be, when raids get a fair treatment in rewards ...
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