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  1. Step one, what you have to do. Don't take everything so seriously :). Everything else has already been said enough. This is just an online game in the big wide weeeb~. Here you meet all kinds of people ^^.
  2. I mean, you have to admit. Partly you are already lost without Skyscale. I've been doing bounty achievements the last few days and it's been a farce with how close I've mostyl been to hitting the boss. Mostly I still got participation, but there were also bosses where I have hittetd exactly when he died, and got nothing ... With a skyscale you can bridge a lot of distance in a short time that others (especially if they don't know the map that well) have to overcome with bunny and all. On the other hand, there has probably never been a better time to do the Skyscale, since you get 250
  3. With this logic, how can HOT and POF and now EOD be so cheap? I guess just so that more people buy it? ^^''
  4. Well OP obviously can not play GW2 solo, otherwise he would not have to write such a post. Sure you can play GW2 solo, but if there are people who even compare GW2 with Dark Souls ... such people should perhaps reconsider their hermitcrab tatik ^^''.
  5. Oh for god's sake, anet, pls don't touch solid >>
  6. You can read here, people find the "Journey" appealing and have the feeling to have achieved something after they have grazed the same map 3 times in a row, sometimes at the same points. How can you criticize this wonderful, totally developed and clearly thought out collection from anet. How dare you oô. *irony off* But let's be honest, will not be the first and not the last of such things. Since people seem to really like that ... to "discover" things several times in a row ^^'''.
  7. Don't play an MMO when your wanna play solo ...
  8. But especially the Jackal Portal is still SO important after POF, as long as you don't have a Skyscale. How could you play all the maps without the portal? oo You must have spent so much time with the bunny at points where you could have just used the portal, I can't explain it any other way oo.
  9. That's why I avoid mass guilds (very large guilds that are just about mass). I am in my guild now for years and even if it is smaller and less active in the summer or so , I have a lot of fun there and know the people now for a long time. If you just want to be a blob in the crowd, mass guilds are of course great. Or if you are super extroverted and like to be super loud in TS/Discord. But for everyone else I would recommend smaller guilds from 5-10 people. Also, I would always ask for a talk at the beginning and not join a guild that just invites randomly. That can go well, but in m
  10. I do not know if I have expressed myself incorrectly. It's not that he floats above the head. Everyone should be aware of that. I'm talking about the fact that the distance between the head and the hat of an asura is smaller than that of a sylvari or a human. Which is why it just looks ridiculous on these races. And I just don't understand why you have different spacing there. And not have the same spacing for all races? If you consider that each race has hairstyles that go very high, it makes even less sense. I hope this is more understandable.
  11. Ridhais can also only seen by the Char who made the caladbolg-achievment.
  12. Why is the distance from head to hat so big when you, for example, compare Asura and Sylvarie? I don't have a charr atm(don't have the space) so i can't compare it to this race, but every human-like race, the distance from head to hat is SO big, compared to Asura. First i thougt it was the hairstyle, but nope~. Why is that so xx?
  13. Also keep the lighning in mind. I think you have already captured it well. I bet the better defined nose is simply due to the light. The lighting in the char creation and equipment menu is so weird ...
  14. Yep, they are~ expensive. But a few of them are really pretty so ... gold or as a gift from friends is my approach x). And you don't even have to have the gold right away. You can just save up. The skins keep coming every few months~. And I'd rather they make them a little more expensive than hide them behind the BLK like a lot of other skins uu ....
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