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  1. Thats my only complaint. I am not someone who works ahead. When I want something, I do it in a short time. All my legys were created within a week, max 2 and the most annoying was not the grinding, but the waiting at the craftingstation while it processed mats ~~.
  2. K, then I misunderstood you, since you didn't quote anyone. Most of this I have ignored because I have a certain person with S on ignore. So sorry, my bad~.
  3. Sorry, then I must be misunderstanding the OP post. I can't read out that it's about how much you have to click.
  4. It is not a chore. It is unrewarding and sad. But since you can not discuss here in the forum without sassy comments. "If you like to have a game full of useless items that you just throw away. It's after all very realistic in our throwaway society ..."
  5. This is an mmo. In gamer circles, you're the odd one if you don't horde~. Also, GOE and this stuff I wouldn't call this hording. You never know if you don't want to craft a Legendary and having these things already is very useful and time-saving.
  6. What is the diference btw react and reply? Sorry, don't quite understand what you mean. Otherwise, you can just try around. Personally, I've turned off everything, because I'm rarely interested in answers because they usually come from people who just want to start a circle of discussions that lead nowhere anyway.
  7. There should be an extra vendor, or even simpler: you should be able to sell these things at the normal vendors for a bit of copper. You drop so much stuff that you can just throw away ... super rewarding game concept ^^.
  8. Yes, it's strange that you can't even sell some things to traders for a few coppers.
  9. as far as I remember I was once told that the cost before was 100g, but was not accountbound. What makes him nowadays actually cheaper but ... yes. Also don't understand why the tags have to be so expensive. It's not even about the cost itself. 300g is nothing you can't save up quick but ... I have never bought one in my years because I can do so many other things with 300g that I like better, even if a commander tag would have often been practical. But I have friends who have tags, so I was never forced to buy one for raids or anything else. And then the mentor tag was introduced
  10. 3/5 I had lots of fun in this game, but 80% of it came from playing with other people. The story is not my thing and since it is no longer skipbar and achievments get partly only the opener. I have no longer touched it. Because it was the most fun to play and talk about them with friends. The game became increasingly grindy and dull in terms of gameplay. Hope they will get with EOD again the curve. And hope they finally stop neglecting old content for new content.
  11. You can deactivate this. Just look under notifivation settings.
  12. You mean "harder" like shatterer or the trouble worm? No thanks. Useless mechanics for which you need coordinated people to get the achievements I do not want to see in gw2 any more. If you don't do the achievements actively the first weeks, you are forced to adapt to the times of community guilds or need luck ... Randoms in GW2 care very little about what is happening around them and even less about the people who might need achievements that they are ruinning uu. No thanks. Just leave them alone. It is a nice distraction when you just want to have a fun with friends or s
  13. I was aware of that. It was more about how many people use it. However, I am also no longer so active to see how muchpeople here are arguing. I know some are very passionate about it. I was just wondering why things like easy picture insertion are not present, but something like this has found its way here. Since I do not understand the thinking behind this But I don't understand a lot of the things that anet does so, well..
  14. Oh~ i see. I still do not see the sense behind it, but well ... to each his own.
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