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  1. If what is in store is not made out of bath pugs, is it even worth it? I don't think so.
  2. My optimism includes pugs. Many other thinng too, but def pugs. Shower head pug is hilarious. I love it.
  3. Looking forward to seeing my fav character soon I have my fanart ready https://sta.sh/01wey4dc3znw
  4. I am of course talking about bath pug. I do not know anyone more important than bath pug and am hoping they will transcend time. Maybe get a bubble bath.https://sta.sh/0c306jxobo9
  5. Yep. And this is the only broken place. Nothing worked. If I look from ceiling is normal like this https://sta.sh/01g1g1qdb7ov I am not sure what else to try. :cry:
  6. Every time I play in the Hall of the Mists I have a visual bug on. Dissapears if I look from a ceiling point of view but due to the game mode I end up having this flashing on the screen permanently. Other people inside did not seem to have this issue. How do I fix this?https://sta.sh/01hwagm7o2v8
  7. Thank you. I did so. I can access internet at all times. My phone will simply not be available anymore, hence why I tried to take it off. :cold_sweat:
  8. Hello, as I am moving countries soon I tried to un-link my phone number as I will not be using this one anymore. Needles to say even tho I entered the code received on my phone it kept saying it was wrong.Now I cannot log in to the main My Profile frame anymore nor am I able to access the game to send a ticket. As for now I am, locked out of my own account.Please send help ... I am leaving in a week.
  9. Today when I logged in to Guild Wars 2 I received that automatic message that revokes unearned titles. I went oh ok, I will log in to Guild Wars 1 to refresh that thing then, but the servers cannot be reached half the time. My PC icon was not working, so I opened it directly from Steam, but that gives a failure message also. It eventually logged in but before it, it was more on the track of "This game is does not even exist, what are you doing to me?"
  10. I did all my story with my zerker staff ele, as that is my commander, and it more comes down to strategy than anything else. Feel free to be extra squishy squish as that is no issue. Story wise I find having ranged weapons in solo better than melee simply because there might just be moments where you need to separate mobs or just politely run back a bit to regenerate while still keeping them busy. So get a bow on your war for the convenience and don't forget that divide and conquer actually works.
  11. Omg xD. That is so amusing. I would have never imagined it to be snow. Since the asura is moving and all.
  12. OoOoo where did you take the first screencapture?
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