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  1. No reward track, no pips, no score updates and no kdr atm. WvW is a gamemode for pure enthusiasts right now, which is good I believe.
  2. Ok, so I've joined a guild for alliance test and when I check it as my WvW guild and log out check mark disappears. I can check any other guild from my list and check mark stays, no problems here, but not this specific guild. Several of my guildmates are experiencing tha same problem rn, the others have no troubles checking this guild.
  3. You know you or your friend could've just transferred servers to play together, right? That's not humble enough.On a serious note I would like to remind ANet that we are not pixels here, and not NPCs - we are people and we are communities, that can go well together or can hate and despise each other. So before linking COMMUNITIES together you should make some reseach, ask people if they want to play together or not, will some links make an enjoyable experience or not, rather then just lock us together for two months in such a slapdash manner. We are here to enjoy this game after all, right?
  4. Gives you 4 unhappy servers. Why not give us our Surmia back and link frenchies together (AR and FR)?
  5. lol maybe a normal ram? Normal Ram mount skin!
  6. I'm going through LW S2 on my rev now, and god, it's so good and so awful at the same time :anguished:Scourge's F skills are slightly worse than Unrelenting Assault right now. Just a tiny bit worse.
  7. Creating an unfun ingame experience for your customers (yes, scourge mains are your cutomers too) is not a way to solve problems.
  8. I'm okay with the current price, but RNG is too severe for a B2P title even though it's not a true RNG because of no dupes etc. The possibility to choose mount type looks like a nice compromise decision for both the community and ANet. Also it would be awesome to get a bunch of cool racial (or not) mount skins with some kind of adventure, like the one we get when we go for Mawdrey. When you really adopt a little cub, raise, feed and train it etc. And yes, I know it cannot be done today and needs a lot of work, but it could fill the new maps with content and give us the adventure we need to go
  9. It would be nice to tone down RNG aspect by letting us decide which mount skin we want to get (like one from the set of raptor skins, or bunny skins etc).I mean not to pick the skin, but at least to pick the mount type. I don't need griffon skins now, but I would like to get any of raptor skins.
  10. Hey, community o/Could anyone please help me with Feline Familiar summoning. I have something nice for this kitty and I promice to treat her well and give her my candy corn node.Cheers =^_^= UPD: I've found a Kitty Summoner already, so the topic can be closed now.
  11. Each step of this mission is bugged and has troubles with progression. I've managed to push it to the step, where I have to find the scientist and the tracker, through relogging and TPing around the map during dialogues, but I don't know how to progress from this step. I've talked to the scientist, he said thst the device is probably broken and progress stopped, this time completely I guess :(Anyways, if you want to progress on the first step, when you arrive, you can TP somewhere around the map, without leaving it, and return back. This will help. The next step with kidnapped scientist can be
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