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  1. I am a bit late to the party since I haven't been playing but the spear is exactly on point from one of my predictions. The final one would be the introduction of the missing utilities.
  2. Continuum Split in general is a bit of liability in most fights. You are better off just using it to reset either your ultimate or your heal skill while spamming all your shatters.
  3. That would be true on some builds. Even Bear stance doesn't cut it on my Carrion Poison/Bleed Soulbeast build due to not enough direct healing. There are plenty of built in traits/utilities that can cleanse conditions especially if you are not a Soulbeast. Using "We Heal as One" is also a great way to get Regeneration on Soulbeast when you don't have any other command skills to waste.
  4. You are slowely convincing me to play Alacrity Mirage again. I recently went back to playing Axe DPS Mirage mostly in Open World though.
  5. I ask the same question myself sometimes. I guess if you practice Mirage enough you can get alot more DPS out of it especially if you plan on playing a Alacrity Support. It ends up being an extra 5k depending on the equivalent role compared to Chronomancer. In terms of Virtuoso and Mirage comparisons. It's so close now there is almost no reason to play Mirage. Especially since for what ever reason Virtuoso has no ramp up even if it is Condition damage. It has less ramp up than Chronomancer which is power.
  6. They should just make Beastmastery add the breakbar to the pet with a grandmaster along with with vitality buffs.
  7. I have never get that on my Chronomancer with full DPS so I doupt I can do the rotation required on a boon DPS. I only really use Virtuoso now days for DPS. I'm not really saying it is a skill issue more that it is very hard to pull off much like Mirage.
  8. I have yet to see any boon DPS pull those numbers, maybe on a Golem or under the perfect scenario.
  9. I mean essentially it is Boon DPS with a little healing. I don't have Legendary Light Armor since I have so many left over sets from before Legendary got introduced (like 10). My Boon DPS Chrono is Assassins/Berserkers while my Healer Boon DPS is mostly Marauders. You really don't need much boon duration or even healing power especially for Rifle; food or Sigils/Relics should be enough.
  10. The Ambush is already kind of a ranged attack so I don't know what you are asking for here since 2 and 3 skills are melee.
  11. Maybe with Chronomancer but Mirage needs those clones to be alive forever.
  12. I keep this build only on the back burner for easy content that I am expected to heal like recommended fractals or certain easier ones. You are right about the damage, but the rotation is alot simpler and it is power so not much ramp up. I even use an Inspiration Virtuoso for most Strikes with double feedback due to many one shot mechanics.
  13. Just pointing it out but regular Rifle Chronomancer can go hybrid with full power gear and either both Chaos/Inspiration or just one depending on your other weapon. The number of phantasms and shatter you can produce should give you full boon uptime with the help of some food or even Sigils. Then the Rifle alone can push out about 2k HPS along with some burst.
  14. It is an odd mix. I guess it is more a PvE thing. You could run Axe Mace then Mace Axe/Warhorn or maybe throw Dagger/Torch in somewhere. If they buff the force of nature stacks beyond 30 seconds then you could just use the off-hand Mace to maintain it. Right now if the boss goes immune you cannot.
  15. You play it like Deadeye chain 3 for repositioning and use either the mobility pets on Soulbeast or Super speed on Untamed. Honestly reading more of your posts you should just play Guardian since they have more access to stab and have a Longbow. Ranger does not inherently mean ranged any more.
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