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  1. I don't have to agree with everyone, if people came out and said virtuoso is amazing I would probably point out why it is not. I just tend to be devil's advocate. I like Virtuoso because I will most likely use it in open world vs bosses and that's about it. I only use mirage for end-game content anyway, I don't like chrono at all for end game.
  2. Mesmer is my main and I still like Virtuoso. I guess we agree to disagree, the block seems more useful for me, more synergy with traits. I will probably run boon duration sigil with Virtuoso. I will say with beta gear I was not doing my normal 10k in the open world like with Chrono. I was getting roughly 8k dps on bounties but I'm sure I will get above 10k with full gear. (10k self buffs only)
  3. Distortion is useless for dps and atleast blocks can provide you with a few boons. The cast time a slow projectile speed means nothing when you have quickness going. You just need to stun or aim you shatters better if you can't hit enemies. Hybrid would be the best use for this class since you won't need to run expertise if you have only Bleed damage, just run a Bleed duration rune.
  4. Well atleast you are doing some damage with this shatter and get boons via blocking. Distortion gives you nothing for dps.
  5. But they behave completely differently since you have 5 separate attacks not 3. They all aoe and can pierce which means large bosses can get hit multiple times. I also notices F1 animation is different to F2. F1 is in a straight line F2 seems to fire at the ground, heat seek F3 one big attack F4 an aoe around the player. this is arguably better than old f4 that does no dps
  6. Yeah he obviously has never tried to use dagger, it combo's really well with the poison life steal trait. You can just auto attack downed enemies and no one can resurrect them. The other strength is the amazing synergy with hybrid builds, you have eastily get 15k dps with auto alone.
  7. Okay but that burst is short lived. Normally a ranger has to be fully set up to that sort of damage and use all there utility slots for more damage. If you avoid that damage in anyway the ranger is a paper tiger. I know since I counterplay power rangers with my condition dagger ranger in sPvP and WvW.
  8. Been testing Virtuoso all day and it is amazing it can definitely compete with my chrono and has more range potential. The set up is very small but it doesn't have as much burst as chrono (if clones stay alive).
  9. I believe the new elite specs are only providing 5 alacrity and quickness
  10. Its super high end content, I will say Necro being the second most played class does really in100cm
  11. I don't know what you expect them to do, put clones back?
  12. True, I just wanted to provide a positive voice.
  13. I believe Arena Net is on to something with each class's elite specialisation providing a unique boon to either 5 or 10 man group I will say if possible they 10 man boons should provide something extra in 5 man content. With the boon meta in mind, you would truly have a sort of trinity with dps, boons, heals being required for high level content.
  14. My other thread is just all laughing emotes on my posts and love hearts on anyone who hates Virtouso. I really do like the Virtuoso and the changes they made, I want an aoe focused Mesmer that does not have to spawn clones which is very slow in open world like with Chrono. This forum is complete garbage, the reddit is so much nicer.
  15. I guess no one can be excited for the Virtuoso. I only came back to the game to try and I do remember it being very strong on large bosses without much effort. This forum is complete garbage, the reddit is so much nicer.
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