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  1. Maybe we're not playing the same game? Last time I checked, those achievements aren't "show up get an achievement", even when you don't have the mastery.
  2. No you don't. I have finished the whole story and I never needed to get so deep in ancient magic mastery. Maybe the first, but the Oakheart master is like 6th.
  3. I'm a rather new player and I'm trying to do the season of the dragon, but I'm stuck because I don't have the oakheart mastery to grapple around. I can't do the jumping puzzle on the volcano map. And that mastery is pretty deep in the tree, I will probably have to spend a week grinding only to get it. And now I have started fearing what the future is going to ask from me. More mastery grinding to do the achievements? Should I even bother continuing?
  4. I'm doing the Season of the Dragons achievement and each zone requires me to do 15-20 events. But in some zones it's really hard to find any events. I spend a lot of time running around and finding nothing. Am I missing some easy setting to see events on the map? Or is there an addon or something?
  5. I finished the game with a glass cannon Dragonhunter (guardian). As I mentioned before I made a thread a couple of weeks or so ago about constantly dying. If you're running story, you should just go for power (or condition, depending on your playstyle) and vitality gear. It can be found really cheap. And build around solo survival. For story it's not a big deal how much damage you dish out, but it can be frustrating to constantly die. With 11k hp, my guardian was getting 2 shot and all that within seconds. I did get help in game how to build a but tankier character and ditching berserker g
  6. This is a lot more obvious to those of us who run the story in a short amount of time than those who have done it over the course of years. I did everything, from My Story to the end of Icebrood Saga in less than a couple of weeks. Somewhere around Path of Fire I believe, the game turns into wasting your time by forcing you into doing events and hearts in open world to progress in the story, which is just a cheap way to prolong the story gameplay. It breaks the pattern and immersion and is just a major annoyance. That pattern interrupt is something I did not like that a all, and also, Ta
  7. I got Viper's and I have doubled power and a bit lower condition damage, but a lot less hp. 7k less. Not sure if it's worth it. But I also use glyph of elementals and Rune of the Ogre because I noticed the Rock Dog is a pretty good tank.
  8. Just dinged 80 and got the skills. The weaver is a lot of fun, flashy battlemage! I'm currently attuned to fire/earth. But I'm not sure if I should stay with Marauder's (hp + power) or Trailblazer's (hp + condition) or since I have so much hp, go for Viper's? I'm interest in doing solo stuff for fun, maybe switch to group content later on. But as I'm about to craft ascended sword+dagger, I'd like something useful first and not mess it up. My current stats are: Marauder's: 20k hp 2400 power 55% crit 210% crit damage 200 condition damage Trailblazer's: 23.3k hp 1130 pow
  9. Hahaha I share the same opinion. I even made a thread about it not long ago. The difficulty spike around season 3 is huge. Before that everything was easy. It's often frustrating.
  10. Yeah I just finished crafting and I must admit this was the best choice to level up. It took me about 45 minutes to finish one lower lvl zone and gain 2-3 levels, but crafting gives about 10 levels per hour (with critical xp boost).
  11. You mean I should remove the current crafting skills I have and start all over? The crafting skills I have now are fitting, but it only took about two and a half hour to buy all the stuff and level up a couple of skills to 500. Can I remove them and start all over with the same skills and continue leveling?
  12. Currently playing a lvl 45 elementalist. Got there by doing zones and leveling two crafting skills to 500. I plan to use my tomes of knowledge at lvl 61 (got 19 of them), but I need to get there first. Tips to get those last 16 levels as fast as possible? I haven't started the story, but I'm not sure if I want to do it all over again. I have just ran the whole shebang on my main in a couple of weeks. That's a lot of hours just doing the story.
  13. I'm just going to add that I have -12% damage from the passive signet. The enemies in this game need -50% damage to be balanced.
  14. I'm not a newbie. I have ascended weapon on two characters and berserker gear. Yes it's probably why I'm dying so often because my hp is 12k, but it's still really stupid. I just ALT + F4 a quest in the crater quest in season 3 where the anomaly kept kicking me into the falling debris and getting one shotted again. Stupid kitten design.
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