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  1. Personally I think it's well time for GW3. I think it would be huge and hopefully they'd also improve their marketing. I know I'd make the jump instantly.
  2. i can't believe they once again kittened up medium armor. let us wear the top without having that skirt for palawajoko's sake!
  3. Artwork of him I just did today. I finally decided to make the jump from daredevil to mesmer, I could't resist those beautiful pink butterflies anymore ❤️ https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/362099253104869377/846379989410119730/Mesmer_Ganymede__1.jpg too bad we can't post previews anymore 😞
  4. so trolls have rather the event fail as long as they can **** a few people around? ugh.
  5. self explanatory. the dye channels are all kinds of ***** up.many have the same dye channel for 2 parts that without dyes are a completely different color (like red shirt and black pants). and also then have a dye channel that does nothing. so it's not because there's not rnough channels either.they're expensive to get too, so please fix them anet :)
  6. a few days ago you posted that you would change the amount of achievements needed for the emote. from 31 to 26. that change was supposew to come today.I just checked and nothing about it on the patch notes, OR in game.so was it a mistake you guys forgot to add? or was there a last minute change or opinion of it?I really wanted to get it.
  7. i agree 100%I mean I very much prefer everyone to get the same emote, if there's going to be such differences in lenghts and details between them. it's not even comparable IMO.
  8. Re: how much time from episode to Expansions January 2015 Point of No Return , June 23, 2015 trait revamps --> October 23, 2015 Heart of Thorns = about 4 monthsJuly 25, 2017 One Path Ends --> September 22, 2017 Path of Fire = about 2 months I would say roughly one fiscal quarter (~3 months)? if we only count story updates though (living world episodes) then we had form january 2015 to october 2015 without nothing story related? that's quite a lot IMO
  9. looks very wrong. I even think some armor makes human males look weird and wide, but this looks even worse.
  10. any MMO can be a side MMO if you play casually, and most MMOs I've played can be played casually.
  11. i would really hope that since the last episode will be released in april, then the actual expac won't be many months after it, hopefully July.But i also prefer to hope for it to be delayed so probably september-october 2021.also question, because i don't remember, how much time passed between the last episode of a living world season and the expac after it? Just to have an idea on how they have done it before.
  12. i just want better lighting ingame, most of it looks err premade? and not affected by the actual light sources.
  13. It has also already been mentioned that Tengu share the same "rig" with the Charr. they do? it does have similarities, but I've always thought they look much less hunched than the Charr
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