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  1. If you're interested, I actually designed a new class a while back. I wasn't specifically designing it with the new expansion in mind, but I kinda feel like its theme would be perfect for Cantha. Here's the link if you wanna check it out: New Class Idea: The Luminary - Professions - Guild Wars 2 Forums
  2. I just had an idea in the shower last night for what I think could be a really cool support elite for warrior: Monk. Wields a quarterstaff, uses supportive mantras, and bursts become prayers with various supportive effects depending on the weapon. It would probably make a really good next elite spec for warrior, or if they really put their noses to the grindstone, they could even scrap Bladesworn and replace it with Monk. Or just give us both, lol. I don't think anyone would complain, given how little Bladesworn adds to warrior beyond a cool theme. Whaddya think?
  3. This! 1000 times this! I forgot to mention it in my main post, but yes, that shouldn't count as a "feature" of Untamed, it should just be a baseline quality of life adjustment that's given to all Rangers. They should also add the ability to designate which pet skills you want the pet to use on its own (kinda like how you can designate your own skills as auto-attacks), and which ones you want to manually control, so you can still benefit from the pet's AI handling some of its combat for you, instead of having to micromanage all of it. Also I agree with the majority of the rest of your post as w
  4. True, it does have a lot of issues, and I agree I would like to see a dedicated support spec in the future, the way Thief has Spectre now. Currently I'm using Spellbreaker for my support warrior, but it's not exactly properly focused on support or anything, it just kinda works better for it than Berserker or a third core spec, and that's it. I don't think Bladesworn is likely to be able to be completely reworked though, so they may as well try and focus on its strengths, or rather what its strengths should be (in my opinion), which is a fun roleplay-esque PvE spec. With the right tuning, it co
  5. Yeah, to be honest it was the theme I liked more than the execution. I agree that Dragon Trigger needs a lot of work, but I really liked the idea/fantasy they were going for. If they can get it to work better I think I'll enjoy playing it a lot. But yes, you're right, I'm not a Warrior main.
  6. Thanks for your feedback, both on my formatting and on the post itself. I'm gonna look it over and try and improve the formatting. Also you make some good points about my ideas around making condi work. I wasn't really thinking about all the possibilities of the healing from Immortal Dragon, so you're probably right about it being too strong to merge with another trait. I definitely think that making Dragon Slashes apply condis for each bullet consumed will be necessary to make condi viable though, otherwise there wouldn't be much reason to use them. Not sure if that could all be just put into
  7. Now that the betas are over and we’ve all had the chance to test out all the new elite specs, and now that I’ve had enough time to mull over all my thoughts and feelings about them, I figured it would be a good idea to put them into writing and post them, and see how other people feel about both the specs and my feedback on them. If you’re reading this and you agree with my thoughts/feedback, please leave a like to help it get more attention, and hopefully get Anet to notice. If you disagree with any of my thoughts/suggestions, please comment and share what you disagree with (in a constructive
  8. Update: The second Elite Specialization, Beacon, is now ready https://docs.google.com/document/d/1048zCocde4I99yLqs4rgMnLdbxnXzDJj8I2dnKHEy8o/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Yeah, it definitely is similar in a few ways, but I'd like to think I've put in enough effort to make it unique in its own right, so that it feels like a truly distinct and different class. Swapping Mantles changes not only your weapon skills, like swapping Ele attunements would, but also your slot skills AND your trait effects. As for the energy system, your energy fluctuates based on what slot skills you use, rather than going up or down on its own like a Rev's, making energy management on a Luminary very different from energy management on a Rev.
  10. Update: Both Luminary and its elite spec Crusader have now been updated to reflect the change from Retaliation to Resolution, as well as the change to Resistance. Most skills and traits that used Retaliation now use Resolution, and skills that used Resistance have been updated depending on their intended function. Skills and traits meant to serve the purpose of condition damage mitigation now use either Resolution or Resolution and Resistance, and skills and traits meant more to allow for immunity to impairing effects now use longer Resistance durations in most cases.
  11. Well who knows, maybe if some of the more promising fan designs get enough attention, they might at least incorporate some of the ideas into future content. I'd be happy with that. 🙂 Also thank you so much for the compliment, I'm really flattered that you like my ideas 🙂 . I've been really enjoying working on Musketeer, and can't wait to get the designs written out so I can publish and share them. Hopefully they'll either live up to your expectations, or be a pleasant surprise if they end up going in a different direction than you were imagining XD. If you don't mind me asking, do
  12. I do have a medium armour class that I'm working on too, the Musketeer, with 2 elite specs for it as well, and a general idea for a heavy armour class, but you're right, they would want 3 elite specs. I'm waiting to see what they go with for the other classes first though, before I try and make a 3rd for Luminary or Musketeer. I want to make sure any 3rd elite specs I come up with don't clash either thematically or by overlapping with the new elites for the existing classes. Also if Anet doesn't use my ideas, I won't be too bothered, I mostly do this for fun, and to add to my portfolio for whe
  13. Update: The first Elite Specialization, Crusader, is now ready https://docs.google.com/document/d/1034ZHkiW5WFuUSelKydMMSytfUHXF1mFGbPtHgY-Acg/edit?usp=sharing (Apologies for the massive hiatus, Covid's been really screwing with pretty much everything in my life. I'll be updating both the main document and the Crusader designs soon, to reflect the change from Retaliation to Resolution.)
  14. Thank you so much, I'm really glad you liked it! How far did you get in the document? And also, do you have any comments, suggestions, or criticisms? I'd love to hear some thoughts/feedback :). Also, did you have a favourite weapon or slot skill set?
  15. Ooh, I actually created a post about a light and dark swapping profession on the forums! The post is also in the Professions section, if you're interested in checking it out! It includes a full design document and everything. You might enjoy it :)
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