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  1. Save the shift key usage, it's not an acronym or backronym. It's a noun and adjective. The acronym you've described doesn't even fit very well because it ignores the transcendental nature of the idea. In gaming it typically means to ascend to a higher level of play by designing ideal and often unintuitive methods of gameplay.
  2. Wood and metal elements would be hilarious.
  3. Not sure about other professions but I kind of like the design if professions not being built around powerful ultimate skills like some games. It makes the game feel more sorta one dimensional. I do kind of wish you could put regular skills in the elite slot just to increase diversity a bit.
  4. Recommend joining a heroic point (HP) train if you can. Will let you get a ton of heroic points you can use to unlock the weaver. Also recommend trailblazer condi weaver.
  5. Will be many more expansions. Game modders would love for someone to flex their voice on some voiceovers. You're worth setting up a recording studio for it, it doesn't have to be that expensive for vocals.
  6. I wish there was an option to reject their stupid club. At this point in the game you're a living legend. The game has to take it seriously but sometimes i wish there was an "Look I've been watching netflix through this whole thing can we just move this along so i can wrap this up? Triple trio is in 15 minutes."
  7. +1 GW2 released with better graphics than EoD will because of the player cosmetics. So weird.
  8. The world is your oyster, brother. Pick what you want to do next and prioritize that. Personally as someone who returned to GW2 last year after not playing since 2012 or something I found that pursuing the roller beetle, griffon and skyscale mounts the most impactful way to close the gap between my low mastery point self and the elites running around. This discrepancy is most notable when running with large zerg forces that constantly leave you behind as you're trying to chase them with your raptor and springer mount. The griffon and skyscale mounts are significant investments tho
  9. Itst not in gw2 to ky knowledge, but is in other mmos. It prevents mobs from spawning near you. It's annoying when you know where a mob spawns and are waiting for it.
  10. Anti camp spawn code is the worst. You end up second guessing everything by running around like a dork trying to get mobs to spawn.
  11. You're not missing anything. I'm just not sitting through a bunch of replays of the Braham whine show until I see what the result is.
  12. +1 for a preview. I'm not putting much effort into it without knowing what the result will be.
  13. This is the most clever post to bring attention to a bug I've ever seen.
  14. You're missing out. It's not optimal too frequently but when you need to travel far away from a high place it's just amazing going at griffon speed.
  15. The worst part about doing the living world is dealing with Braham. It's like they followed the most insufferable person you've ever met for a few days and recorded random things he said then injected those phrases into his writing.
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