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  1. Sorry for my slow reply, i was focused on earning 300 gold for the commander tag the past week.I wanted to accomplish that before we gained more members. If you want to join, please join the Discord server i linked in the first post.Once you joined the Discord server and 'introduced' yourself, i will accept you on Discord and send you a guild invite!
  2. Bump, and Guild lvl 5 !We had our first guild event this week, did some world bosses and central tyria bounty's, was fun!
  3. Bump numero tres yes yes.30 more silverwaste shovels to recieve the Mining excavation 1 upgrade!
  4. Bump number 2. We have reached 10 members by now.Our guild hall is almost lvl 3, and we unlocked our first upgrades.
  5. GR1ND 1T [GRND] WHO IS GR1ND 1T? We have been active since 2017, playing multiple games. Now we focus fully on Guildwars 2! We welcome beginner & experienced players. Our aim is to create a friendly and helpful community. We are not a rank-based guild. Try to learn from each other, help each other out, Give back what you get! Find friendly players, complete events together, help build the Guild-hall and more. We currently own a guildhall in Auric basin, and are working on upgrading it! Our guild is lvl 8, and we have currently have 25+ members. WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS?
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