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  1. Having no downstate is the worst idea that ever existed. All it does is boost the the blobbers and gankers the very people that drive people away from WvW. Are you trying to destroy WvW more than it already has been?
  2. I'm assuming that "Calm in the Storm" progresses with the timer and could be related to "Marshalling the Crystal Bloom" and "Mobilization Global Rewards"?
  3. Personally I enjoy it. The only thing is it would be nice to not repeat some of the longer cut scenes for the nth time or the fight where Balthazar kills you in PoF as they are purely time sinks and add nothing to the repeat experience,
  4. The only time I have used compact is by accident. I cannot think of a reason why I would want to use it on purpose.Depositing materials now takes significantly longer as you toggle rarity due to 8 years of habit, realise what you have done, re-toggle rarity and then carefully click the deposit all button making sure not to accidentally click compact.
  5. I keep toggling the rarity outlines instead of depositing stuff and it is extremely irritating.
  6. Please leave deposit all on the menu - by all means add your button but put it back on the menu as well.
  7. While annoying I can live with being burst down by a permastealth thief, only for them to use stealth to disengage if the burst fails.My only real gripe with stealth is that they gave portals to a class that can permastealth in WvW. Hunting down a permastealth thief in a freshly flipped objective has always been annoying, but when they were given portals it became 10 times worse.
  8. Just extend SAB and the welcome back event by a day to make up for the loss of a day for EU players then everything is even.
  9. I know a lot of WvW players who got into it because they came for map completion and are still playing WvW now.
  10. Easy way to reduce bandwaggoning is to increase the gem cost of server transfers based upon how many times you have transferred before. The more you server hop, the more it costs to hop again.
  11. There should be no open world PvP of any kind. Something that puts me off other games is the constant spam of duel challenges.Weeklong WvW gimmick events are a pain in the *****. You get a small influx of players for a week who then leave again afterwards but WvW becomes almost unplayable for the regulars for that week.Taking WvW out of map completion was the mistake on WvW recruitment. A lot of players came for map completion and continued to play WvW afterwards.WvW issues come from population imbalance. Population imbalance comes from people hopping servers. Mass server hopping was an issue
  12. Easy enough for you to say but unless you know where you stand it is difficult to know what to do in game. I am unsure exactly what I have lost and to work it out will take some time. There are also questions that need answering such as "will I get back any of what was lost"? before I know what I am going to do now. "Keep playing" is really a bit of a daft suggestion at this time.
  13. Easy solution - don't transfer server and you don't pay anything. Server hopping is the biggest cause of server imbalance in WvW which then harms the game mode.
  14. Free transfers caused the WvW population imbalance problem in the first place.
  15. It would be good if they did a checklist and improved the achievement text as it says smash 35 and not 35 different ones as you can smash the same one more than once with different characters.
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